Bekaaboo (A tale of bleeding hearts )

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Bekaaboo (A tale of bleeding hearts )

By: Anshika goyal OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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This is a story of a girl and a boy who loves each other ।...but some situations poles them apart। । But after some years they met again but one with hatred and other one with love and regret

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5 chapters
Do you know how badly I have waited for this moment from the past fucking years ..His dark voice made shiver to run down her spine . Who was lying beneath him like a lifeless body . Completely naked and froze , her Amber eyes just stared into those dark black orbs which once used to get filled with extreme amount of love whoever they fell on her , but today, they were staring at her with nothing but hate, anger and lust."You beneath me completely helpless.She just gazed at him and her skin crowled . When she felt his finger to start trailing on her exposed right bosom and then he cluteched it harshly making her eyes to fill with tears in pain."Am I hurting you , sweatheart ?. Does it hurt ?" He growled and digged his nails deep in her bossom making a tear to roll down from her eyes . Which made a cunning and dark grin to crept in his face ."It should be and get used to it because that's the only thing I am going to give you till the last breath of your life.". He smirked , diggin
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Chapter - 1
You're my heart ". Her beautiful smiled turned more broad hearing his words. But she crosses her arms against her chest and raised her brow."Really , Mr vansh Rai singhania ?" She asked while staring at his beautiful dark black orbs, which turned a little amused at her questioned.He held her waist and tugged her more closer on his lap, making her to wrap her both arms around his neck...."With my everything ,, soon to be Mrs VRS...A beautiful shade of pink colour crept on her cheeks where as her beautiful Amber eyes started gleaming with happiness, which made his heart to get an alluring by watching them because he has found his entire world in them."Fine. I believe you , mr vansh because I love you too and on above , soo much ," she stated , showing her tongue to him to which he chuckled and pecked her lips."I am so blessed for that, sweetheart ." He spoke, making her giggled my hand."Ok, well you remember what is day after tommorow , honey ?" She asked him taking his Nick nam
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Chapter - 2
Okay call me after you reach you home okay ?". Vansh spoke and patted her head and kissed her forehead ..."I'll meet you tommorow at your graduation ceremony ...." She smiled , making him smiled too. And then he tried to open her car's door "Honey, wait ..." He stopped and turned to look at her ."I want to meet your mom today ...please can I meet her ...? I really missing her ..." She stated with a little amount of hope because she knew vansh was really sensitive about his mother .He smiled and nodded. "Okay..."Her eyes lightened up in happiness and then they both get out from her car.Inside his house "Momma .. look who's here to meet you ." Ridz spoke excitedly entering into his house ..."Ridhu.."And then she saw his mother laying into the bed with her face almost which had almost turned pale , dark circles had grown under her brown eyes which had turned dull but still there was a smile plastered on her face .. Ridhima knew about his mother's condition that she was very i
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Chapter - 3
She softly whispered into her kiss, which made him to sightly pull back and look at her a little confused .He smiled and palmed her cheeks."But you're already mine , sweetheart in every possible way, " he uttered making her softly sighed and then she placed her palm over his."I know honey and that's why I want you to claim what's yours, I want to give every inch to mine to you, right now and you to claim it right here."She softly breathed out her words to which he got a little startled because now he understood what she was indicating and then he saw a certain kind of emotion in her beautiful eyes. Which he had never seen in them before and was not capable of identifying it.He cupped her face a little more firmly and spoke."Ridz , is everything alright ? Is something bothering you ? Please tell me.we"ll...."No vansh, nothing is bothering me more than the fact that we're in love with with watching other for 2 years we never made move to the another .".She uttered , cutting hi
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Chapter -4
Episode start -After 7 years ..."Ridhima sareen , wake up .""What the ," she frowned , getting up from her sleep with a fast beating heart because of her friend's precious ways of waking her up with her loud scream."Sejal, what's wrong with you? You know almost got a heart attack ." ..Sejal chuckled watching her friend placing her hand over her chest while exhaling on deep breath .."Sorry babe but I tried to wake you up like a normal human being but your sleeping beauty ass didn't appreciate my precious efforts so I had to use this way .""She rolled her eyes at her friends words and the got up from the bed ."Yeah yeah, that's the only excuse you've been giving me for the past 7 years after waking me up like this Ms. Sejal shah.""And you still didn't learn to wake up on your own Ms. Ridhima sareen." Sejal spoke and sat on her bed ."Because I love sleeping and I want to sleep for forever and never to wake up again.""Gosh Ridz, that sounds creepy and clichey too.RIDz again r
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