54. Bully
"Come in."

Right after the voice had called out for him, Luke hesitated for a moment before finally deciding to open the door.

"Excuse me."

Taking a look, Luke could see a young man sitting on the floor with many ceramic sake bottles littered on the ground, with a thick aroma of alcohol in the air. The young man had a small moustache and beard right on his chin, while wearing a crimson robe just like the others. However, his expression looked haggard and his long hair was so messed up as if he had just woken up from the bed.

"What are you staring at? Never seen a genius, handsome, and elegant young man in your life? Don't fall for me now.. I only accept busty girls, you know." Said the young man while eyeing Luke with wariness as he continued, "Now, tell me who are you and what do you want? If it's about the matter with Hong Zha, tell that f*cker to get his own pill back! I'll kick his *ss any day!"

Blinking his eyes in confusion, Luke shook his head and replied, "I'm Lu Ren. I do
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