68. Start of the exploration
"Hurry it up, guys."

Walking calmly from behind, Luke gazed at the group of people with a lot of luggage on their backs. Hearings Luke's urge for them to hasten their pace, some of the people stared daggers at Luke. Unfortunately, their intentions were in vain as Luke straightly ignored their gazes as if nothing happened.

"Lu Ren. Is it okay to lie to them like that? Few of them even had their hands on the handle of their blades, they seemed to want to draw their weapons and cut your head off." Whispered Yi Mo on Luke's left side while she revealed a sign of worry in her face.

Replying in a smile, Luke took out a piece of parchment and wrote something immediately. After he was done, he quickly passed the piece of parchment to Yi Mo, in it was written as,

'Serves them right. By the way, it's better to communicate this way. Some of them have a very good sense of hearing and you can never be too careful.'

Giggling slightly, Yi Mo pulled out a pen of her own as she wrote another word f
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