Multiverse Fighting Championship: I'm the President

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Multiverse Fighting Championship: I'm the President

By: Namazu CompletedFantasy

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From the typical fantasy hero wielding a sword and shield to a cyberpunk warrior from a futuristic metropolis. From a vicious underworld monster to a literal messenger of God. Matthew Nash has complete control over who fights in his show. The possibilities are limitless. There's nothing special about him initially. He's just an average young man who enjoys professional wrestling and mixed martial arts. Aside from watching them, he is obsessed with all types of management mode from those show's games. Handling the show budget or selecting fighters and wrestlers is more fascinating to him than controlling a character to beat opponents. After he was transmigrated to another realm, a foreign entity assigned him to put on a show that focused on the fighters from many worlds. He must be able to amuse the gods and their servants across the multiverse. What kind of spectacles will he put on? Can he beat other shows that already have big names?

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  • Namazu


    Hello, this is my first novel in Meganovel. As a fan of both pro wrestling and fantasy genres, I thought why not combine the two? But I'm not just pitted by the characters from the pure fantasy world in this novel. There will be lots of surprises, and I hope you enjoy it!

    2023-09-17 14:58:15
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191 chapters
1 – Congratulations on Your Death
Matt scratched his medium-length brown hair, thinking hard about which of the two newest MMA fighters he would recruit. His organization has limited funds, so he has to be careful. He had to ensure his choice had the star power to draw the audience. "You still like to play management mode, huh?" Matt's older brother, a bald man driving beside him, commented. "You've always been like that. You play management in a wrestling game, not wanting to touch the other modes. You never want to play with me." "Because it's fun, Ryan," Matt answered while staring at his phone screen. "Bring my organization to the top is something that gives me satisfaction." "In the end, it wasn't real." The big brother chuckled. "But I wanted to talk to you about pro wrestling, though. I haven't watched it in a long time, you know? My fiancé forbids me. The event we are going to is probably the last for me." "What?" Matt lowered and put down his cell phone. "Looks like you picked the wrong girl. Pro wrestling
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2 – A Task to Entertain
"So…." Matt looked at the bonfire that separated him from Megumi. "After explaining everything, you still don't want to tell me who the goddess who brought me here is?""Again, I'm sorry. This is the agreement we made with her. We can be your staff, but we can't tell you who she is." Megumi rubbed her eyes, which were starting to get heavy."You must be tired." Matt looked up at the night sky for a moment. "You've been explaining to me for hours, and I'm asking too many questions."And some of those questions were just Matt's way of convincing himself. The concept of the multiverse and the gods is still too bombastic for him."Can we continue, sir?" Megumi kept smiling. "I want to show you the two fighting organizations the gods and their servants watch."As Matt nodded, Megumi stood up and opened her notebook. A light appeared from that thing, projecting an image in the air. It's a circular arena, just like a stadium, complete with stands surrounding it, but it looks more ancient."T
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3 – Building the Team
"These evil beings are sentenced to hell in my world's afterlife." Zaa explained while walking with Matt, observing the construction workers doing various kinds of work, "My God promises they can go to heaven or even become his crew if they keep up the good work.""No wonder they're so excited." Matt squinted at a woman in a shabby dress chopping down a tree with an axe. She was screaming like a madman, and her eyes bulged so much they looked like they were about to pop out of their sockets."And we have enhanced their speed and strength." Zaa went on. "So, they will work faster and more efficiently.""I see…." Matt grimaced at the sight of a loinclothed elf man carrying rocks up to the height of an elephant. That man also has an intense expression."No one forced them." The supervisor stopped and looked at Matt with a smile. "But if they refuse this job, they will return to hell. So, this is not slavery. And remember one thing. These are cruel lawbreakers who deserve punishment."Mat
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4 – First Five
"That's how it is." Megumi had just given those individuals a lengthy explanation. "Are there any questions?""Sorry, but this is too much for me." A female elf with long green hair in two braids sighed as she leaned against a tree. "You say we have died and been resurrected? That sounds ridiculous. But at the same time, I couldn't find a logical explanation for why I was here. The last memory I have is of riding a horse after the criminals. Then an arrow hit me in the chest.""Believe me, Miss Sylvair Sarrell." Matt joined in as he sat down on a rock. "I also felt the same when I first came here."Surprisingly, no one panicked when Megumi explained, so things went smoothly. In fact, no one interrupted the assistant at all."Then why were we summoned if not to fight?" a man with short hair asked."You will be the referee, Mr. Javier Navarro." Matt got up from the rock and approached the individuals. "And you will do it with Miss Sarrell in turn.""Excuse me, sir." Megumi suddenly grab
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5 – His Title
Several days passed, Matt entered the only completed building in the area, and he gasped hard. "Bwoah!"There's lots of musical equipment and some other devices in that place. Because Matt was too busy, he didn't check them beforehand."I thank you for letting me build this impressive studio." Elmar, the musical elf, came to that young man. "With all this, I can make some music…. Ah, I just made a sample for the opening theme of our show. Do you want to hear it?""Maybe later. I'm still busy." Matt still looked around the large room, wondering if his organization needed all those tools. Even so, the young man didn't blame Megumi for not knowing anything about this. But it seems he needs to control the expenses more.There must have been a lot of funds spent on this place."I noticed eye bags have appeared on your face. It looks like you need to rest, Boss." Elmar commented, then glanced at the papers in that young man's hands. "Is that the data of our fighters?""Ah yeah." Matt handed
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6 – The Fighters
"If the gods are so mighty, why didn't they build all this right away, Matt?" Lognar asked as he and the others headed to the indoor stadium construction site."Yeah, and why am I even given limited funds, even though a god owns one world?" the president muttered. "There are so many questions like that in my head."Megumi fixed her glasses. "Unfortunately, even I, a former servant of god, don't know the answers to those questions. Maybe we'll never know either.""Well, it's better if we just enjoy what's in front of our eyes, then." The Dwarf shrugged.Matt replied. "Yeah, I try not to think about it too much. So far, I haven't had anything that wronged me."Once they got to the stadium, Matt's mouth curved into a smile. He did not expect the building to reach 60% in just three weeks.In his wildest dreams, he never imagined having his own stadium."Damn." Lognar whistled as the party made their way towards the arena at night, with only some lamps for the light. "It's so different fro
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7 – MFC
The first to rise was a black-haired, ponytailed woman wearing a lab coat. She rocked the other woman's body. Her hair was also black but in a twin-tail style."Nia! Nia!" That woman kept calling her colleague. "Where are we, Nia!?"Nia finally raised her face, which turned out to be almost identical to the previous woman but much younger.Unlike her partner, the ponytailed woman didn't show any concern. She stood up and looked around instead."This…. A venue?" She hissed."Welcome, Namie Mitsue and Nia. You may both be confused as to why you are here. But there's no need to worry." Matt assured them with a smile so wide his teeth showed. "I'll explain everything, but I'll summon everyone first."Matt could have summoned all the fighters at once, but he wanted a more dramatic effect."Do you think her clothes are cute? Or is it too much?" Sylvair whispered to Vivianne, who was standing next to her. The elf referee referred to Nia's bright pink and green dress with lots of knick-knacks
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8 – Determination
"As per the name of this organization, all of you will fight each other." Matt continued. "For what, you ask? Well, for glory, fame, or to satisfy your fighting desires, which you may not have fully fulfilled in your previous life. And, of course, to become the MFC Champion!""MFC Champion…. Multiverse Fighting Championship Champion?" Salvia muttered, and as soon as she received Megumi's glare, she raised her hands."The entire multiverse will be watching you!" The president pointed to those people. "So, I hope you guys are serious about this! Fighting half-hearted would be an offense! Even more so if you refuse to do so! You will get punished. And no. I don't talk about things like Miss Megumi did just now."Matt paused again to observe those individuals. Just like a moment ago, a few of them looked worried, but this time the expressions of the rest were more serious."Do you guys remember about the gap after you died and resurrected? The afterlife?" A smile graced Matt's face. "I be
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9 – Greed
Matt sipped his coffee that morning, but the drowsiness wouldn't go away. After the summoning ritual for the fighters, he and the others worked hard to prepare everything. Even if he had time at night, he usually couldn't sleep because he thought about various things.Will the construction of the stadium be finished before their first show? Will there be a lot of tickets sold? What if the vision doesn't suit the audience? And many more questions that haunt his head.So, the young man came out of his tent for a morning walk before continuing his work."Good morning. Did everything go well? Is there anything I need to hear?" He approached Zaa and Megumi, discussing something near the residential area."Well, it turns out that our healer personnel are still lacking in treating injured workers," Zaa explained while checking his notebook. "That's because we're doing all of this at such a fast pace, sir. But I don't blame you. The sooner we get this over with, the better."Matt looked at th
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10 – Big Time
This is the first time Matt has worn a suit. He tried to loosen his collar many times and wanted to replace it with a regular shirt.But on this big night, he must look sharp. "Are you nervous, buddy?" Lognar, wearing a traditional maroon dwarven shirt with various gold accents, chuckled. "Well, you are not alone. This is also a first for me."Matt took a deep breath. "Let's go."They left the locker room and walked down the stadium corridor."Maybe because we're both busy, I forgot to ask you this." The Dwarf made sure the braids in his beard were neat. "Why do you also want to be a commentator when you are a president who takes care of everything from behind the scenes.""I also want to have fun, you know." The president took a deep breath when he heard the commotion that felt closer. It's not too loud, but still, it thrills Matt.Finally, his hard work with the others came to fruition.After pulling back the curtain at the entrance, Matt and Lognar's gaze was met by the crowd fill
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