Aegis of the Sun

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Aegis of the Sun

By: Muhammad Sulton Madi Jumadi OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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In a vivid account, a twenty-four - year - old man had just woken up from his extremely long sleep. After he felt that he had seen something from the future, a Hamoursh named Edgar Stewart felt there was something different about his memory that had just faded. From the lingering memories that Edgar left behind, he decided to search for all the answers. In his tale, Edgar and his three companions are about to embark on a grand adventure in which an unfinished mystery lies! Will they all succeed? Knowing all the dark times that have happened.


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1. Street Rat
In a place that's the heart of a small town to the northeast from the border between hamoursh county and the elfair nation, the noise of the people working there continues to be ringing. The density in the place is increasing over time. That's the market. Where many traders offer their wares in exchange for a few Ruby slivers that are indeed a currency on magire kivanal's continent.The sun's been rising ever since, but that has not in any way hindered them from continuing their search for a bag of money. Beyond all of this, there is no escape from the so-called 'street rat' ora street urchin who daily steals anything that satisfies the two dirty eyes of such ones. Doing their thing, playing with those two contemptible hands to deceive and exploit the hustle of every situation.It's never gonna get away from people like that. And more familiar was the scum who lived in a marauder guild less than two kilometres away from the market.At noon today, a dark-haired man is weaving his eyes
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2. Running Away
Edgar ran to the side of the market and down a very narrow road because of the amount of luggage and stuff that made it very crowded. Not to mention how many people there are in that place, making Edgar a success to curse it.The man ran away without taking care of anything in front of him. He looked back for a moment, and apparently what he had thought was going to happen. He suspected that the next thing he was going to be was a mouse that some hungry cats were after in the market.There are some people who are chasing him to get the dirt on the market. People in the market would never go unnoticed if they met a guy like Edgar in a public place. Thieves or robbers are indeed like plant pests that irritate and must be eliminated. But none of that will be easy for Edgar and his three accomplices.Edgar quickens his pace as he clings to the firm grip of a Ruby purse he stole just now. He doesn't want it to go away because he's losing focus on what's happening right now. Those people ar
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3. Red Raven
The sun still shines in the sun. A twenty-four year old man walking in a city street had to endure the heat of direct exposure to the sun's golden light. He saw clearly a shadow of himself moving on him just below the footsteps of his current life moving on, heading for the Promised Land with his accomplice.He hoped that Liza, Fyon, and Fyerith would be there after hurrying out of the desperate crowd. Since morning he joined a group of Aegis of the Sun who went from their guild to run a work they had taken from two days ago.Juildith would rather rob a bank outside the city, escorted by Horald five days ago. Edgar hopes they both succeed.The man walked as he looked up his head toward the sky. Looking brightly at the horizon this afternoon. It wasn't summer, but it was so hot and it made him so thirsty. He promised himself that when he arrived at the guild, the first thing he would do would be to sip a glass of water to quench his thirst.His gaze was again focused on a large bag of
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4. Decisions
As soon as it got in front of the guild door, Edgar grabbed the knob. Wish there wasn't a terrifying figure standing right behind that old, pale green door. He had such experiences when he returned with Liza after they had both gone to Nylon valley to relax, spend their days off before drowning again at the crime of being a robber or a thief.Edgar dissolved in the warmth of that vast grassland. He was at peace when he was there, and even himself was unknowingly carried away by a dream so real. A dream that seemed to fly into the future, then faded as he woke up and remembered everything.The dark-haired man walked into the guild, revealing instantly a common room filled with people who were already living there. Lately, he feels like something's wrong. He felt there was a flaw that he could not express directly, but his chest was too cramped to dwell on it.He squeaked as he shook his gaze around. He searched for an empty seat to relieve the tiredness after spending most of the day o
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5. Rain in the Spring time
Once inside his room, Edgar paused while standing with his back to the door. He slowly made his way to his bed, sitting at the edge of the straw bed facing the tightly closed window. A warm oil lamp filled the room's light. He became distracted with that thing on the table next to his bed.His brown eyes now flash against the flame. He forgot to turn off the oil lamp when he was last out of his room in a hurry. After all, the work of the guild is a major task for itself, as well as for the aegis of the other sun.The man's right hand touched a small, gray knob that was like a gray cloud in the sky. Edgar rotated it until a fire lit over a fuse that had been burning until it was completely extinguished. Then everything went dark.Edgar rose from his perch, walked up to the tightly closed window, then stretched out his hands, opened the wooden window wide, letting the light from the sun fill the empty room.The hot wind that he felt when he left the market this afternoon, now he cannot
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6. The return of both Guild members
"Have you told Dryzell about this?" Asked Fyerith again. One of the questions the boy questioned succeeded in budging him, and then Edgar gave up his mind.Immediately, the man looked for the right words to answer the young blond-haired boy's questions in front of him.Earlier, Fyerith had indeed been a child who did not always care for the affairs of others, but ever since he formed a conspiracy with Fyerith, the boy had spoken less to the other three companions, including himself."For that matter, I haven't spoken to the grumpy man. I'm scared, but I want to." Edgar said again. The air from the cold of the rain that it carried in through the wide open window behind it made Edgar desperate to sleep.He had been unable to sleep well for several nights because he was busy with his business of fetching a logo from his squad. Actually, Fyon once told all three of them that the logo for the Aegis of the Sun doesn't matter at all, because they do have a particular logo of red raven.It's
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7. That Shithead in across town
Outside, it's still pouring. Spilling all the water that had previously formed on the gray clouds enveloping the city, changing it from the pouring rain in the spring.The thunder came after some time after the rain. The sky out there is still cloudy. Edgar looked in the window to his right, seeing the circumstances outside the Guild that still looked the same. The atmosphere around the front of the Guild is so humid and cold after the stuffy taste had once choked his body. The rain is the right time. Not does he know when it will.Horald moved back, intending to drain his body and have had to quickly change into his badly sodden clothes. Everyone in the guild was worried if both would get a fever after this. They don't even know how to Juildith is after what happened to them both like this.Edgar was still thinking that the man didn't expect anyone to do that to a member of Red Raven. Edgar drew his breath, then breathed out like a derelict. From where he sat, he could still see the
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8. Horizon after the Rain subsides
Horald nodded. "I know what you think Dryzell would be like if he wasn't hostile to a lot of people." Says Horald on Edgar. "Judging by the person's personality, you speak a good point." Edgar answered in the end.In the midst of the two of them, Edgar seemed to hear the footsteps of the creak floorboards, heading toward the Juildith's room.And after that, someone went straight in after one hand pushed through a wooden door which hasn't been shut since Edgar arrived. It's Dryzell. The one they've been talking about.They both gazed into Dryzell's surprised face at what he had seen this afternoon. The quiet quiet in Juildith's room that had been quiet, now became a little uneasy because of Dryzell's sudden presence in front of them.For Horald and Zhippy maybe it wasn't like that, it was different from how Edgar felt. Dryzell gazed at the Juildith still lying in his straw bed."Horald, what has happened to you?" Asked Dryzell with the sound of his weight that Edgar would never forget.
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9. In the End
"They must be very disappointed, and I think after a few months, Black Mamba won't bother with that problem anymore because I think it ended with an apology from our Guild." Connect the Dryzell."So is that the only reason why they are beating his up like this?" Says Horald with a slight rise in his voice. Edgar was a little surprised to hear that. Unlike him, he saw Dryzell still in the same circumstances.Edgar was just afraid that Dryzell would lose his temper after hearing horald's words to him like that. However, Dryzell was far away from his hunch and seemed frustrated."That's way too much, Dryzell. That's Red Raven being trampled. Supposedly they found out and understood it, my fellow guild robber! How can they make an issue out of growing old." Horald's dess were seen holding back his anger.Dryzell again drew his breath heavy and then breathed after his chest filled with the warm air of the twilight."You may lose your temper with me, Horald. It all happened because of my o
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10. The Dream Fragment
"I told you, that's my opinion." Answer Edgar. He moved out of the area, leaving the juiledith's room after her right hand reached for the door that had been shut shut.The man was outside the Juildith's room after his hands grabbed the knob to shut it down.His eyes were accidentally distracted at the window looking out into the darkness. Night is coming. And he intended to rush to his room immediately, and after his feet had nearly turned up a wooden staircase in front of him, suddenly someone was heard calling his name, which made Edgar successful for the call.He looked back, and he saw what Liza was walking towards him. "It's you." Edgar said as he turned his back on the brunette standing in front of him."What's wrong?" Ask Edgar. "Have you found Dryzell yet? He just got back this afternoon." He said asking Edgar about. The man nodded. "He is in the Juildith room. And I happened to be there since this afternoon." Answer Edgar."Is that so?" Says Liza. Edgar was about to move bac
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