25: From another world

From another world

" Where am I? " Collins asked himself staring around the deep dark environment, His gaze drifted towards the direction of a small lantern and a hooded old lady staring down at him with a smug plastered on her face. 

" Old Lady where am I? Who are you? What the hell is going on? " Collins asked with his feelings mixed with anger, Confusion and Curiosity of his environment because he knew He was on the highway heading towards Crimson High. 

" You ask too many questions son of Hell, But I will only be answering one question and that's all, so ask me? " The Old lady said with calm, Sweet and Melodious.. Not a voice fitting for an old lady like she is... 

" Answer all my questions Old lady " Collins demanded. 

" All your questions which is...? " 

" Are you fvcking kidding me, OK fine How did I get here? Who are you and What the hell is going on? " Collins repeated his questions with folded arms wh

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