Wake Up With Super Villain System

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Wake Up With Super Villain System

By: Oceanna Lee OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Being someone who is always used by others, is always looked down upon because he has no power. It was a normal thing for Raphael Salazar, from the very beginning he was alone in this world, he longed for recognition from the people around him. Naive, innocent, trusting others too much, and not having the heart to say no, that's how Raphael lived his life all along. Raphael knows he is only used by the people around him, they see him easy to beat because he is an orphan. Until finally, Raphael who was fed up with all the unpleasant treatment, when he decided to rebel and think more about his own life. However, Raphael ended up dying because of that choice. Just as Raphael had given up on his life and was about to accept his death, he heard a cold, robotic voice ringing in his head. [Do you want to take revenge on them? I'll help you to make it happen, this offer is only valid once. So, will you accept my offer?]

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133 chapters
Arc 1 - The Orphanage
A noise was heard in an orphanage, a group of youths were seen intimidating other youths. Raphael Salazar was seen curled up on the ground while protecting his head from the kicks given by his other friends. "Look at this loser, I haven't even hit you yet, but you're already cowering like that," Simon said laughing mockingly at Raphael who was already scared to see him. Raphael's body trembled with fear when he realized Simon was moving closer to him, he stepped back, avoiding Simon who was sure to beat him with all the strength the young man had. Raphael felt his hair being pulled by Simon so he could look up and look at the boy. "I've told you many times to look at me when I speak, don't you want this Loser?" Simon asked with a smirk hanging on his lips. Panicked and frightened, Raphael painstakingly nodded his head, confirming Simon's words to him. I don't know what Simon will do to him, Raphael can only wait for the strange orders that these evil people will give. "Tomorrow
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Chapter 2 : All Alone
After hearing what Richard had said earlier, the other youths fell silent in their place, hesitant to volunteer for the upcoming Dungeon trials. Raphael was initially hesitant because he was afraid that he would only die in vain if he took part in the Dungeon trial. But as Simon continued to stare at him intently, Raphael couldn't help but raise his trembling hand to volunteer. “Finally, there were those who volunteered. You who raised hand, come here,” shouted Richard calling for Raphael who was in the back row. Not far from Raphael's position, Simon smirked when he saw Raphael come forward while lowering his head. Then, Simon and his friends also raised their hands, they were already planning to take part in this dungeon trial. Richard was not too surprised when he saw Simon's group come straight forward, he knew that Simon was one of the youths who had the strongest magic in their orphanage. Sensing that many people were starting to walk behind him, Raphael glanced slightly be
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Chapter 3 : This Is the Day
Three days quickly passed, with no one to help him, Raphael prepared himself alone in his cramped and cold room. Luckily during these three days Simon didn't bother him and let him live his day in peace. Even so, Raphael was increasingly worried about what Simon and his gang were doing. Raphael started to have some wild thoughts, “Are they really planning to kill me in the Dungeon? No way right? Mister Richard said not to cause trouble in the Dungeon, of course they wouldn't do that to me right?” Many questions arose in Raphael's mind, he tried to think positively and refused to believe Simon's previous words. During these three days, Raphael's feelings never calmed down, instead he felt constantly anxious, how could he not go into a dangerous Dungeon today to do a test, he could die anytime in there, not to mention the problem with Simon who kept continues. With a deep sigh, Raphael got up from his place and took his backpack that was next to him, then decided to leave his room,
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Chapter 4 : Deep Down
When his name was called, Raphael stepped slowly from the ranks of the remaining youths, he looked around and noticed the Dungeon gate and felt that he was getting goosebumps as he was about to step foot into the Dungeon gate that had been opened. While gulping down his spit roughly, Raphael took a deep breath and stepped into the dark Dungeon. Raphael's body shook slightly as he entered the dungeon, when he opened his eyes again, he was already inside the dungeon. Inside the Dungeon the only source of light was from the torches mounted on the walls. Even though he was afraid, Raphael tried to be brave, he started to walk down the long hallway in front of him. Feeling that he needed to prepare himself, Raphael took out a dagger from the backpack he was carrying. Raphael held the dagger in front of his body while looking left and right just in case there were monsters around. Occasionally Raphael looked behind him to see his other friends, but no one entered after that, he didn't
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Chapter 5 : Don't You Dare to Come Closer!
“S-simon! I-I didn't mean to…” Raphael tried to explain himself to Simon who was walking closer to him. Unfortunately, Raphael felt that his back had hit the wall behind him and at this time he couldn't go anywhere because from the front, Simon was very close to him, even in a few seconds he would arrive before him. "Want to take the opportunity to kill me?" Simon grinned at Raphael who looked really scared at the moment, he didn't expect that this loser would dare to take advantage of a dangerous situation like this to attack him. This time Simon stood in front of Raphael with a straight face, it felt like he was tired of grinning at Raphael who was still trembling with fear under his feet. "I'll tell you what real pain feels like." In a flat voice Simon spoke while glaring at Raphael. To be honest Raphael felt very scared now, he could even feel that his pupils were trembling because he felt that his life was on the verge like this. Raphael's fragile body also shook when he saw
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Chapter 6 : Is It the End?
Without mercy, Simon pulled his sword quickly from Raphael's stomach, immediately fresh blood flowed more profusely from the wound.Raphael was still in shock, his eyes widened and shaking with fear, time seemed to slow down slowly he felt his body fall to the ground.Raphael's eyes couldn't stop looking at Simon who was looking at him coldly and he didn't see a hint of guilt in Simon's eyes.Simon's other friends came running up to Simon, "Simon, is this okay? Isn't this going to be a problem?" asked one of them while looking at Raphael who was now lying on the ground with a look of pity and also panic."I'll explain. Just tell the instructor that this damn bastard was killed by the monsters here," Simon replied without thinking too much about it."We better get out of here, we still have exams to complete." Simon walked away leaving Raphael who was starting to lose consciousness.With the remaining consciousness he had, Raphael tried to reach Simon and his two friends, even though
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Chapter 7 : Are You Crazy?!
Still shrouded in the tension inside him, Raphael finally decided to tell the System to continue what he had previously interrupted, "You can continue your explanation, I won't interrupt anymore," Raphael said with an awkward smile that was clearly visible on his face.[The system will explain what features the host can get with the arrival of the system, one of which is that the host will get a prize when completing the quest given by the system. Hosts can also strengthen themselves with the features provided by the System]Raphael was momentarily stunned by what the System had explained to him, "Does this mean I can get stronger?" Raphael thought excitedly, even though he could feel his heart beating faster now because of his enthusiasm.However, Raphael remembered that the more benefits he got from the System, didn't that mean the higher the price he would have to pay?"Wait a minute, if I could get something as great as this, surely you wouldn't give it to me for free, would you
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Chapter 8 : Surprise From the System
"So do you have anything to help me complete this quest?" asked Raphael with his hands on his hips, irritated by the System blatantly mocking him.[Because this is just the start for the host, the system will provide a support that will help the host]Ding![System has sent a gift box to Host!]"Gift box? Then, where is the gift box?" muttered Raphael after hearing a notification buzzing inside his head.Seeing no gift boxes nearby, Raphael circled around where he was standing looking for the contact present the System was referring to.If System had a physical form, then by now he would have rolled his eyes lazily at what Raphael was doing.[Oh my! The host can open the Inventory to see the gift boxes that the System has provided]"Inventories?" muttered Raphael confusedly, but suddenly he saw a transparent window like before appear before him.It was only then that Raphael understood what System meant. With the transparent window in front of him, Raphael could see a gift box ic
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Chapter 9 : Smash Them All!
After successfully killing the three people Raphael accidentally met before, now his body has lots of blood splattered on his robe and face.Raphael blinked a few times as he watched the blood dripping from the Magic Sword in his hand. Then, Raphael's eyes went to his feet and there lay three lifeless bodies.As if he had just realised what he had done, Raphael's eyes widened in surprise, he immediately covered his mouth when he saw the pool of blood under his feet."Damn it!" An intense feeling of nausea immediately hit Raphael, he ran away from the lifeless bodies of the three people, then vomited all of his stomach contents.You could see Raphael's face pale white after vomiting the contents of his stomach, he sat down weakly after distancing himself from the place where he vomited before.The hand holding the Magic Sword fell to the ground because Raphael's hand was shaking violently at this moment.[Congratulations to Host for successfully killing the first victim today. There
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Chapter 10 : My Fate
"How about this?!" Raphael's mind felt that his body was getting goosebumps right now, was his journey going to end even though he hadn't started anything yet?Raphael didn't know what would happen to him, considering that the little girl made it out of this Dungeon and he couldn't kill the little girl himself.Would the System detect it as a failed Quest and make Raphael accept his death sentence?Silence, that's what Raphael felt at this moment, his lips began to twitch, he wanted to ask the System, but he was afraid to face the reality that he would have to face later.Ding!Amidst that stillness and silence, Raphael heard the signature sound of a notification from the System ringing inside his head.Raphael's heart was beating fast at this moment, anxious and also worried about what information the System would give him.[Quest has been completed!][Status feature has been unlocked][Host gains 200 Exp][Host gains 5 bonus status points]Raphael's eyes widened at this moment beca
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