Reincarnated in an Otome game as background ugly character!!

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Reincarnated in an Otome game as background ugly character!!

By: Marvin Miño OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Razel, is a reincarnated youth. In his previous life he was a lonely boy who spent his days playing video games. Then one day tragedy came into his life. It all ended for him, was what he thought, until he opened his eyes; to find a fantasy world, where science and magic go hand in hand. That could have been a joy, but that happiness was nipped in the bud, because he reincarnated as the eldest son of a poor family of barons without territory, and, above all, he is uglier than in his previous life. His tragic new life doesn't end there, as he woke up in the last video game he played. An otome game. But not just any otome game, it is one with an RPG theme so it is made up of strong and dangerous enemies. He will have to live his new life as a background character and help from the shadows to the capture objectives and the protagonist to avoid the end of the world and especially, the cruel villainess.

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Prologue (Volume 1)
Reality is a garbage game." And, "Good and evil are so-so." These are things that I have heard throughout my life, although, well, 15 years is a short time to live. But it's something that I agree with, not because reality shows me that. But because of what I'm seeing right now. "Elize, at this moment I will break my engagement to you!" An attractive young man was yelling at a school event. That was his role in that world. A dating simulator game world. "Your Highness, understand, that woman is not worthy for you!" And not just any game world, but an otome-themed one. Normally, an average Japanese guy like me shouldn't be playing something as absurd as a game for girls, the premise of which is to conquer unrealistically attractive guys. "As usual, you're a woman feigning ignorance, I'll tell you more plainly than this - I won't marry you, a vile woman who thinks only of herself and is willing to trample on other
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Chapter 1 – The worst possible outcome, no, seriously, weren’t there other options?
"... This can't be possible." I was in a fetal position clutching my legs and trembling because of the terrible truth I had just discovered. First, I am a reincarnate. That is, I died at a young age and my soul was sent to another world. I didn't know that the soul was really a real thing! But that's not what scares me, what really terrifies me is the fact that I'm trapped in a video game world. And that world is that of an otome game. A dating simulator for girls. A world created to make a lucky girl able to conquer attractive guys and have her happy ending. DON'T FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I'M A MAN! I'M SORRY I'M DEAD, BUT.... BUT! WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE A GAME FOR GIRLS?! I mean, couldn't it be a normal game like a normal simulator? Or even an erotic game? Why should I care about a bunch of attractive guys? I'd rather see beautiful young girls or mature women with huge breasts t
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Chapter 2 – The Calamity Witch can’t be that cute!
A couple of years have passed since the day I said goodbye to the villainess daughter of the duke and moved with my family to the imperial capital of the Arklight Empire. The capital is the largest territory in the entire empire. Its size is equivalent to half of all of Asia. The structures range from modernized ancient buildings to more luxurious 21st century buildings. Depending on the area you live in, you will see more cars than carriages. We live in the southern part, but in the farthest out and cheapest priced part of the apartments. My younger sister is now 10 years old, and my parents have added a new member to our family, my younger brother, Colin. He is four years old and already knows how to talk, unfortunately he is more attractive than me. Colin, your older brother wishes you a life full of beautiful women who want to be part of your harem. Oh, I forgot to mention this. At the age of 18 you will be
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Chapter 3 – My Beginning as a Guardian in the Shadows
It was the evening of December 31 in the Alexiel calendar. It has been almost a year since I met Amy. After rescuing her we went into the forest. In the forums I had found information that said that the witch of calamity had a secret base in the empire and after much searching, they finally found it. It was a mansion hidden in the same forest where I rescued her. Could it be a coincidence? We went inside until we found a talisman in the shape of a goblin that acted as an X on the map. I removed it and found a button, pressing it opened a hatch as if it were a subway bunker. We entered, and after several minutes going down stairs we found it. It was a subway mansion, almost like a castle because of its structure. The garden was beautiful, it had different types of flowers in the surroundings. But, this was not normal of course. Everything looked new as if it had always been here. I
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Chapter 4 – Royal Academy of Magic x Capture Targets
  he morning of January 1st of a new year in the Alexiel calendar had begun. Instead of being a good morning, it turned out to be a tragic one. Yesterday an assassination of a nobleman had taken place. He belonged to the faction of the second prince of the empire. Not only the nobleman, but also the knights, servants and even adventurers hired as bodyguards were killed and then their bodies were burned like the mansion. For that reason, an emergency meeting was held at the empire's ministry of magic. Normally, the knights would get involved to check who was responsible for it. But as it seems to have been done by a magician, due to traces of magical element in the environment, so the ministry must intervene. The central building or headquarters of the ministry of magic is located in the capital, on the north side, several kilometers near
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Chapter 5 – The Female Protagonist and Rebel Prince
"A pleasure to meet you young men, I am your etiquette teacher the second son of a viscount household, Clement von Werner, for the remainder of the year let's get along. okay?" This was the manners class, preparing tea parties among other noble manly things. The professor in front of me was a tall, thin, well-dressed man with a sort of scarf on his shirt and sleeves. His hair was wavy black and completely covered his right eye; so we could see only his left eye, which was yellow. He smiled at us with a grace and kindness of a good teacher, there was nothing wrong with that. The problem with him was that we were afraid of his face. His face was almost transparent and his cheeks showed the shape of his teeth. His yellow eye gave off a bad vibe and his gruff, grim-sounding voice didn't help at all. One girl couldn't stand the way he was smiling at us, it looked like a horror movie. When a killer is ready to reveal his motives to the poor victim.<
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Chapter 6 – The Background Character and Villainess Daughter
A new day had arrived at the academy.In one of the female dormitories, a girl was waking up.Her pajamas were a beautiful mix of white and red.After getting up, she brushed her long hair that reached her back.She put on eye drops for staying up late writing a letter.She blinked several times, the beautiful plum-red iris was visible through her golden hair that covered her face a bit.After changing her clothes and brushing her teeth, she went to the mirror to take one last look at her outfit before heading out."Okay. Let's get to class."The girl had been born in one of the seven most important cradles of the empire.She was the only daughter of a duke's house, she is Elize von Rosenberg and she was the insufferable villainess and rival of the protagonist.◇◇◇Lily was in the second class, of those who scored 75 to 89 points.They were in a paired activity."This...""No bother me.
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Chapter 7 – Young Adventurers
It has been two weeks since the school year started.There are four semesters per year.The first semester ends at the end of February.March is vacation.I am happy that, unlike my previous life, my new school life is more fun.The only drawback, or rather the only problems I have are two.The first is that Lily has been hanging out with me a lot.That prevents her from going to events where I have to socialize and conquer capture targets.The second problem was that a girl was bothering me.In fact, right now she's glaring at me.A beautiful blonde girl with cherry red eyes and big breasts was looking at me like I was a pest.It was a combined class of the pointy-mustached professor.We were divided into groups of two, I was in the second group alone. My friends were not here.Not even Cid, funny how he seems like a normal kid.I've been secretly watching him to look for a weakness an
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Chapter 8 – Wild Beast
January was almost over.I was now taking a mathematical formulas class from Professor Lloyd.It's no different from the mathematics of my previous life, it's the same, only we use them to enlarge the magic circles.Which is irrelevant to me who uses only his birth attribute.Professor Lloyd is a simple looking man like me, tousled gray hair, closed eyes and wears glasses."Good. Now I want you to try to-"His words were cut off by the bell ending today's classes."That's too bad. Well guys, have a good weekend. We'll see you Monday and don't worry. I won't leave you any homework for now."We were all glad we didn't get homework.My friends came up to me."Hey Razel, do you have anything to do today?" said Derrick while picking his boogers."No. Nothing to do. I was planning on going to a game center and wasting time.""And are you guys doing anything?"Cliff answered me as he looked like he w
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Chapter 9 – Licht (1)
The day was beautiful, a student was in his room drinking tea."It's a great day as always."The student was Squall, he was relaxing until the door was opened."Holis~ Squall-kun. how are you feeling?"A blue haired, close eyed boy walked in as if he was your typical childhood friend walking into your house as if it was his own.His name was Flynt Algrin."What's wrong Flynt, for you to come so early?"Squall was acting normal, something like this was normal for him.Flynt walked to a nearby seat.After sitting down, he grabbed a cookie and popped it into his mouth.Squall poured him some tea to go with it.After drinking the tea, he spoke."Thank you, I came to inform you that there was a problem.""Problem?""That's right, yesterday I was informed that another base of the lower ranking executives was attacked. There are no survivors."Squall touched his chin out of curiosity as
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