The Urban God
The Urban God
Author: Renglassi
Chapter 01

Thunder - Claps!

Whilst Elion Elzeus the unknown Son - inlaw drifted against the breeze to a halt.

Elion removes his helmet seeing different luxurious cars parked in his family's compound with officers around the different areas of the house like some sort of secret service War Zone.

He wondered if his wife and son were safe.

But what worried him the most, was the message he got from his son's school.

Elion learnt that Harbert was sent home.

Because his fees of two terms wasn't paid.

Elion couldn't comprehend it.

He had always planned his child's future.

His Wife - Emma should definitely have an explanation concerning that.

"Emma, where are you?" He called immediately as he entered the newly decorated parlour.

He checked where he had left some cash but it wasn't there, so he called on to his wife again.

"How daft, come upstairs!" An elderly old and familiar female voice answered rudely upstairs.

He walked upstairs staring at Mrs. Donvilla, looking at him like a devil.

His heart pounded in fright.

It was his Mother Inlaw.

She had this witch rich aura.

"Welcome Ma." He greeted and she smirked.

"Oh you don't have to welcome me Mr. Elion, because this will be the last of you in my daughter's house." She said wickedly to him as Emma came out behind her.

"What?" He was confused.

He knew his mother inlaw hated him, but at least her daughter loved him and they had a family running too, so he bothered less.

Yet still, Another Man walks out, beside her.

He was called Wilfred Decasto.

Emma's so called best friend.

A well known Billionaire's Son.

Elion had always hated Emma's friendship with him as it felt too suspicious.

Wilfred holds Emma's waist disrespecting Elion as they sip their drink before intimately kissing, causing his heart to quiver in pain.

Hence it was obvious to Elion that Wilfred was a faker pretending to be loving to his wife.

"Oh wow." Elion let out a hurt smile.

He never expected to be hurt like this.

But he had to careless of them and focus on his son who has been offered a Hiatus.

"Emma, I got a message that Harberts Fees wasn't paid and I did give you the fees to pay., So please, I want to know what's happening here? I need an explanation." Elion said to his wife worried too.

"Look into my eyes... I am tired of suffering - Elion, you have absolutely nothing to offer me, so I am calling our useless marriage off for good." She storms back at him, careless of how he felt.

Elion releases his breath in pain.

"But we have been good, is it because you made over two hundred million dollars recently that you feel that I am no longer worthy of having you?" He asked Emma, feeling hurt.

He didn't want to believe she would say that.

"Ofcourse, I made money and that means my class changes too... You should know that I can't love you and to be truthful... I never loved you!" She slams at him wickedly like a devil.

She seemed Brainwashed.

"And Our child? You'd let that go too?" Elion asked as he stared at his wife shocked.

"You have not been good enough Elion, you're broke and you can't even afford your own car... Looking at how impoverished you are!"

"You have made me see that I made a very big mistake, by bringing myself so low, for a peasant thing like you." Emma bashed at him.

Elion turned thrilled as she abused him.

"Okay... I get that you are putting up all these because you ate our son's fees, hence I didn't see the money that you and I know was left hidden in the cardboard downstairs, please don't tell me you used that too." Elion said and Emma laughed.

"I used the fees for my teeth surgery and for the rest of the chicken change, I used it to buy these golden bangles, aren't they pretty?" She asked, playing with her gold-plated bangles.

Elion at this point felt worried for Emma, He could see she was been deceived.

He removed her from Wilfred's hold, bringing her to a corner so he could talk to her.

"Emma, why are you doing this?" He asked.

"Tell me it's a joke." Elion asked in disbelief because it would mean that she spent their family savings of over $550,000 Dollars, which He had been saving for years now for the family bills.

"I was in lust because you're actually really good in bed, but I have had enough of your pauperness, I will marry a man as rich as me." Emma whispers insults to him and it was then he understood.

He realized It was because he had nothing!

He had no Money to be Precise.

"Emma please, this isn't you." He tried to convince her as he pulled her in for a kiss, but then she landed him a very dirty slap that caused his nose to bleed like a broken water tap.

But Emma wasn't done with him.

Not Yet!

"Take that you pig!" She splashed her drink over his face before spitting over his face as well, like he was some sort of dirt in her front.

She looked at him Irritated.

Her husband had suddenly turned a poor good for nothing nobody that she now Distastes.

"I said let me go! You local bike man!" She mocks him and he felt his heart break.

The humiliation hit his bones as she walked back towards Mr. Wilfred Decasto.

"What kind of man doesn't buy his wife jewelries? I mean how can you stink that much with poverty and still want a woman like her?" Wilfred mocks Elion, with Emma's mum, enjoying the moment as they all laughed, together in his mystery.

Elion, at this point had nothing as his wife Emma had spent all of his life savings on nonsense.

Elion felt really useless as she had said.

At this point... Elion wanted to contact his father for help, but he hated that man and didn't see the need in proving Emma and Wilfred wrong.

Then He saw Zack... Harberts cat.

"Where's Harbert?" He asked Emma.

"Where else?" Emma fired at him.

He didn't want to believe his thoughts.

Wilfred dashes him an evil Grin.

Elion wondered why Wilfred acted strange.

"You didn't even pick him up from school, all these while?" Elion asked - Growing in madness.

"Can't you see that she doesn't care!?" Emma's mum fired back at him.

This stunned Elion in hurt.

"Now disappear!" Wilfred bashed at him.

"We're Over! Leave!" Emma shouted at him.

Despite the fact that Elion hasn't signed the divorce papers, they had bribed the court illegally to terminate their marriage.

"I have no son, Get losts!" Emma bad eyed him, since their child was only adopted to her.

But to Elion... His Adopted son Was his Son.

"Throw him Out!" Emma Orders the security men around who rushed to grab Elion to his knees as tears flooded out from his eyes.

"You want to separate us!" Elion cried as he looks at his mother in-law who cared less of him but of the money Wilfred Decasto had to offer.

"Emma... This is our Family!" He screams at his wife like he wanted her to wake up into reality.

"They're going to break us apart." Elion Cries.

"I know..." Emma replied to her husband.

"And she's done!" Elion's Mother in-law fired back.

"You will all regret this!" Elion swore to them.

He was severely Broken inside.

Although... He was now Fueled with Fire!

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