Divine Farming System Vol. 2: Searching for Way to Revival

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Divine Farming System Vol. 2: Searching for Way to Revival

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'You'll never know the value of one thing unless you lose it' was not a saying for nothing. Feng Shaotian realized this phrase just after losing Ding Bang. A new chapter of his life was being written without his beloved brother's presence. What will he end up to? Live depressed like he did in the past? Or search for ways to move forward?


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57 chapters
Several month have passed after Ding Bang's death. Feng Shaotian has mourned almost everyday and at the same time managing the new city he built. Using the money he was left with, he founded a new city named—Baohu City. It was a new city with no affiliation, built in memory of Ding Bang's sacrifice.A City Feng Shaotian swore to protect with his life. There was even a time where the emperor, Hui Meng commanded him to be under his empire but he rejected it determined. Hui Chen and Hui Qing knows Feng Shaotian more than anyone and helped ease the situation. But that was it, Feng Shaotian didn't care at all. He have face many problems one after another, Vice Captain Qiu— subordinate of Major General Li Qiang died from an ambush. His disciple's sister was now severely ill because of the curse. He need to find the cure right away or his promise from before will become void.But in the past month, the City he founded was progressing smoothly. Although the population was not as many as befor
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Chapter 1: The Master of Baohu City
In a dark room full of natural energy. A young man could be seen sitting cross legged in the center next to a statue. It was a statue made up of something precious gold. Giving off an aura of savage and strong willed animal. Strong desire to protect his love ones was depicted in its eyes. Inscription was also written in it connected to the floor, walls, ceiling and so on. The young man on the floor sitting cross legged has a tranquil expression on his face. He was good looking and muscular. On his back was a killing black sword shining in cold luster that just by looking at it gives chills to the body. On his lap was a book of different colors. It was thick and looks heavy. It also exude an energy that carries great pressure making the natural energy of the surroundings to bow. Knock! Knock! Knocking sound of the door came in. The young man opened his eyes and said in a sonorous voice. “Come in” Creak.. The door behind the young man opened as a man in a Violet Robe with a sword o
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Chapter 2: WuChuan Kingdom, Guardian
He has trained for several month. He already reach S rank warrior and received the recognition of the book of Multi Class. His other Classes also reach a minimum of C rank. He wanted to test his strength and new skills learned. ”That's a brilliant idea my lord, the students will definitely be elated with this news and train hard to get the top position“ Shen Yusheng happily replied before sitting down. ”Meng Mei, as the secretary do you have anything to report?“ Feng Shaotian said looking at the woman sitting on the chair below the four minor city lords. Meng Mei nodded her head and stood up. ”My lord, the project road from Baohu City to Tianjin Village was finished. The Golden Rice farm and other farmlands you asked to be built was almost finish. As for the mining of minerals, it was progressing smoothly although monster attacks are frequent, we still manage to get many minerals with Major General Li Qiang's help. “Lastly, the treasury...” Meng Mei halted as she took a deep breath
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Chapter 3: The Portal, Peng Dugong
'Sighs. Just as I thought' this was his first time doing it as he didn't test it on the day it was made. He sighed before turning around planning to leave.[Please choose an active portal to connect][Hui Empire Main City Quanzhou] [Tang Empire Main City Chuzhou][Qin Empire Main City Chongqing][......]List of places where portal was active could be seen in in the portal hole. What shock Feng Shaotian is that, there's so many of them. Then if he connect his portal to all of this, wouldn't he have access to this places in an instant?. He could easily invade this cities unnoticed, he could also start a business and earn tons of money.“System! Connect it to all active portal!”[Ding! Command impossible to execute]“What do you mean?”[The system's level is not enough. It could only connect to atmost 30 active portal]“If that's the case, please connect to 28 active portals” Feng Shaotian stated after pondering for a while. He'll reserve the 2 chance to connect in Baohu City and in the
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Chapter 4: Silly Fatty Ma, Queen Succubus
Feng Shaotian and Jiang Fu then left the mini world in haste. Afterwards, the both of them walked through the hallway. It was quiet as there's no other people walking in this place. As the mansion was positioned in the Central Zone and only Feng Shaotian's contracted people was allowed to enter this place. But there's an exception. It was none other than YiYan. Feng Shaotian can't do anything towards her, she has a monstrous cultivation that even Ding Bang might have a hard time defeating her. Thankfully she's not an enemy, she even lend him a hand in founding this City. Feng Shaotian and Jiang Fu headed towards the kitchen. The only place where to find a certain person. ”Fatty“ Feng Shaotian called out to the person eating his food on the table. But weirdly enough, this person wasn't happy at all but instead he's crying. ”Boss! Thank goodness you're here!“ Fatty Ma immediately blurted out as tears streamed out of his eyes. ”Why are you crying? Aren't you happy with what you're ea
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Chapter 5: Meeting Dao Wei
On a forest lush green with vegetation. A young man could be seen walking around searching for something. A serious expression was plastered on his face as he look over one bushes to another. “Finally” He muttered in a low voice but a hint of excitement could be heard from his tone. Beyond the bush he was in. A young looking pup was sleeping soundly. It has white fur and red brows. It was just laying there with no concern of its surrounding. The young man smiled as he started approaching the pup in front of him. His step was bizarre and although he moves like a turtle his movement was still fast. With a wave of his hand a net immediately appeared in it from out of nowhere. Just as he was about to catch the pup with a red brow. He suddenly noticed that the air a meter away from him was fluctuating. He stared at its direction and saw something that scared him greatly. The space in that place was rupturing, it broke into pieces before forming a portal that a person can fit in. The pu
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Chapter 6: Cube Entrapment Skill
Dao Wei rolled on the ground as his face got swollen from the slap he received. Feng Shaotian didn't anticipates something like that to happen. “What are you doing?!” He asked in shock seeing what YiYan just did. “Why did you hit him? He didn't do anything bad!” “I got jealous” YiYan replied with teary eyes. Feng Shaotian blanked hearing YiYan's response. Jealous? She's Jealous? Jealous because I winked at a man? What nonsense is this! He wanted to shout at her again but stopped. She was so adorable with her teary eyes. “D*mn!” He cursed before running over to Dao Wei. “Are you alright?” he asked in care. Slap! Before Dao Wei could reply another slap hits his face hard. He again rolls on the ground while holding his swollen face. First it was his right cheek now it was his left. He looks no different from a pig! It hurts. “What—” before Feng Shaotian could say anything. YiYan already hugged him tight. “Please don't be affectionate to him. I'm getting jealous” Feng Shaotian didn
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Chapter 7: Just a Twelve Winged Goldon Roc
“It's a 12 Winged Golden Roc given to me by Master” Jiang Fu proudly said looking at the young Man staring at the sky calmly. 'Sighs. The system's reward after updating was a Golden Egg. I thought it was a Triple S Rank Magical Beast Egg. What a disappointment, it's just an S Rank' Feng Shaotian thought. If Jiang Fu learned what Feng Shaotian was thinking, he would definitely throw up a mouthful of blood. Calling an S Rank Magical Beast as disappointment, what's the point of him being proud of it? Thankfully he don't have any way of knowing Feng Shaotian's thoughts. Dao Wei on the side felt conflicted. Knowing that Feng Shaotian gifted Jiang Fu such Magical Beast as a pet, he couldn't help but think about his refusal a moment ago. 'F*ck if I have known he's generous enough to gift such Magical Beast. I should have accepted his offer back then' He regretted it. But sad to say, there's no such thing as medicine for regret. He could only accept the fact that he missed such a great oppo
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Chapter 8: Trinity Sect's Unwelcoming Atmosphere
“Who are they?” “I don't know. Sect Leader must have invited them right?” “I don't think so” The disciples of Trinity Sect begun asking questions. They don't know who this people were and their sect leader restricted any outsiders to enter this place for now. “Hey look, isn't that inner disciple Dao Wei?” “Why would inner disciple Dao Wei brought outsiders here? He even allowed them to open the main gate” “Quick! Call the Elders” Immediately afterwards, some of the disciples left the field to call for the Elders. Although Dao Wei was an inner disciple, there's nothing special about it. What they have to do was ask for the elders to come. What if this people came here to create trouble? It's better prepared than sorry. In just a few minutes, three silhouette appeared next to the disciples. One of them was an old man with beard that was half a meter tall. His hair was white but still stood upright. He wore a Violet Robe that was customize by the sect itself. The other two looked
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Chapter 9: Inner Disciple Jiu Tianlong
A young man in Violet Robe started walking out among the crowd as they parted. He has a scar on his face and a boulder like body. Just by looking at his stature everyone could immediately guess that he wasn't normal. ”It's inner disciple Jiu!“ ”Top 3 Jiu Tianlong! Among the Top 5. He was the only inner Disciple that doesn't have a master yet“ ”You got it right. Vice Sect Leader even showed interest in taking him as his disciple“ ”I pity that kid. Senior Brother Jiu Tianlong will definitely kill him“ An uproar immediately spread among the disciples. How could they not be shock? An inner disciple and one of the Top 3 at that showed up. This will be a great fight. However, elder Wang wasn't pleased. He hoped that it was his disciple who volunteered but scanning the surrounding. He found out that his disciple was only up in a roof of the building watching the show with interest. He cursed under his breath for his disciple's laziness in participating. ”Alright. Since Inner Disciple
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