Chapter 33: Best Mom.

Alex point of view:

I don't know much about my father, but I could tell that he wasn't a good man from the way Diana was. My mother was finding it hard to tell me what happened between them.

I just wonder what he did.

Diana began to tell me about how he met my father, then they got married and then the next thing she knows, he is cheating and has another family.

I was dumbfounded by her words that I had to ask questions for clarification.

"I have half siblings?" I asked Diana in surprise because I never considered that thought for once.

"Yes you have other siblings ,but I don't know where they are now." She replied in a nonchalant tone,I could tell she doesn't care about anything related to my father.

I was surprised at the sudden revelation.

Not only did I have a mother ,but half siblings as well.

"So , why did the both of you get divorce and how did you lose contact with me?" I asked.

"I found out your father was cheating and I wanted a divorce, but I made a mistake of telling him
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