The Vengeful Son-In-Law

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The Vengeful Son-In-Law

By: Estherace Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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Alex was willing to do anything for his wife and her family, because of the love he had for his wife. However he was only rewarded with insults. They say monsters don't just form out of thin air , monsters are created. A monster is what Alex became ,when his wife , who he loved and cherished and her family who he took as his own, betrayed and framed him. Don't mess with a good man trying to fight his dark side, he can plot evil things against you in his messed up mind and you won't see it coming, until it smacks you in the face. Alex's in law's will face his wrath , because he was out for revenge for the humiliation he suffered.

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    so educative

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33 chapters
Chapter 1: Scorching sun.
They say that a poor man has no say in how the world treats him.I didn't want to believe it and wanted to stand firm on my belief, but life doesn't always work out the way you want it.Life always slaps you in the face with a sickening reality.The sky was bright and the scorching sun burned the skin of the man, who was tending to the garden.I was that man, disregarded and unwanted.I shouldn't be out in this hot sun for any damn reason, because it was literally burning my skin ,but the madam of the mansion, my dear mother in law, was dissatisfied with my earlier work.She practically yelled at me to get out of the house ,she said I didn't do a proper job tending to the garden, so I had to redo it all or I won't be allowed to eat this afternoon in peace and I knew I won't have peace of mind today, I couldn't afford to let that happen, since I just wanted to go to my room and rest.I was so focused on trimming the garden that I didn't pay attention to the scorching sun or the sweat b
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Chapter 2: Toss it in the trash.
I shook my head to get rid of the intrusive thoughts.I can't leave my wife here to go in search of money and I can't work for someone else when my in law's company is successful, they might think I want to sell their business strategies to others.I should just forget it and be content with what I have now.I took in a deep breath and exhaled."Alex, just calm down, you can't do anything." I muttered to myself.I walked to the back of the mansion and got into the house through the back door.I proceeded to take a bath at the restroom close to the entrance of the back door of the mansion. I grabbed a trouser and shirt he saw hanging on the rank and wore it.This restroom is the one that the maid and butler mainly use, so it must be one of their clothes.I just wanted to wear this and get to my room, then I can change into my own clothes and wash this clothes and dry it and leave it back where I saw it.I knew that even though I took a bath ,if he wore my own clothes and Lisa or Mrs Ha
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Chapter 3: Nosy brat.
I picked up the money and stood erect, and saw my sister in law Lisa coming towards men.I clicked my tongue in annoyance.I knew she had just come to bother me , she would say something about what just happened."If I give you more money ,will you also bend down and pick it, like a lowly cleaner you are, how about I give you money to clean my shoes?" She said as she tossed more money at me and I just clenched my fists and watched her.If not that she was a woman and I didn't want to get into trouble, I would have taught her a lesson, because I was sure she was the one taking the groceries I bought for myself and tossing it in the trash.Wicked bitch."Won't you pick up the money?" She asked mockingly and I just ignored her and walked past her.I would rather walk for a thousand miles to walk than take her money."Look at how you are acting like a proud man, when you don't even have money for a cab, useless man! Take the money or your stomach will feel the pain of your stupidity." She
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Chapter 4: Bizarre explaination.
Different thoughts filled my head.Where?When?How did it happen and I didn't know?This can't be possible.My heart began drumming in my chest, I didn't know if it was out of fear of the answer I might find or if it was out of slowly building anger.I knew that I did not want to cause trouble in the company building or I would be thrown out, but I also needed an answer.Riley had to have a good explanation for this, or everyone in this company was going to hear about this, because I wasn't leaving without a fight.I dashed out of the restroom to confront my wife who was still talking to the employee.My wife and the employee turned to look at me, as I came out so suddenly."Get out!" I yelled at the employee while looking him straight in the eye."What?" The confused man asked in disbelief."I told you to get out!" I yelled more loudly at the person my wife was talking to.The employee flinched, turned to Riley, who was looking at Alex and scurried out of the office.Riley narrowed
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Chapter 5: Juice.
During the weekend after tending to the garden, I walked in to see Riley was sitting on the couch in the living room, when a maid got a glass of orange juice for her and dropped it on the table.Riley was deep in thoughts, she didn't even see me walk into the mansion.Riley looked at the tray of orange juice and an evil smile slowly formed in her face."Are you alright?" I asked her and she snapped out of her thoughts and turned to me."When did you get in here?" She asked in surprise."Just a minute ago." I responded."Oh." She mumbled and looked away as she took another sip from her glass cup.I proceeded to walk upstairs when I saw my father in law coming, thirty minutes after I was in the room.Riley opened the door and walked in , she was holding a tray of orange juice resting on the tray.I just finished tending to the garden and had changed into comfortable clothes. I was scrolling through his phone while resting on the bed when Riley walked in and I smiled.Even though I was s
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Chapter 6: Divorce.
I knew this wasn't just something I can escape,it felt as if it was planned, because Riley wasn't crying anymore ,she was glaring at me ,so was her mother and the maid wasn't fearful ,she folded her hand and it was below her cheat, pushing her breast upwards and she has a smirk on her face.I have been framed."Will you sign it now?" He asked again and seeing the pain my hands were in I looked at Riley, my wife."Do you want to get divorced from me?" I asked her and she scowled."Yes, I don't want to be married to you anymore." She replied and I felt my heart sting a bit as my lips quivered."Fine, but don't post my pictures online." I said.I don't know what type of pictures they took, I just wanted to leave.It was evident that Riley did this deliberately."Don't make demands, I will give orders, you will follow it without questions." Mr Harry told me.The divorce paper was placed on a table with everyone looking at me.I wanted to sign it and saw Riley's signature there already."S
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Chapter 7: is he a friend?
"Ah! Help baby!" I heard in my sleep, as a slap landed on my face jolting me upright ,as I turned to see the assailant with my hand on my cheeks.It was morning and here I am seeing a girl in just a shirt in bed with me glaring at me."Who are you and how did you get in here?" I asked the girl."How dare you touch me?" She asked in anger and I was about to speak when the door burst open and my friend ran in."Baby what happened?" He asked the girl who ran to him and embraced me."He touched me!" She cried out ,as I got off the bed."What nonsense are you talking about? I just woke up and saw you in the bed, when did I touch you?" I asked her in annoyance.What is wrong with these women, framing me of things I didn't do?"Alex, how dare you assault my girlfriend ,when I gave you a room to sleep in?" Paul, my friend, asked me angrily, as he rushed to grab my collar and I was taken aback, as I tried prying his hands off my collar but it just tightened."L..let go..." I pushed him hard ,b
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Chapter 8: Rival company.
The taxi stopped me in front of Daniel corporation.I paid the driver and got out and sighed.If this doesn't work I was screwed, however I wasn't bothered about that but I was damn annoyed.I can't stay quiet.Something told me to head back ,but no I took a step forward and then another one , as I walked into Daniel corporation company building.I had a cold expression on my face, as I stepped into the company building and employees of the company were pointing fingers at me.They didn't even try to hide the fact that I wasn't welcomed here."Is it that the son-in-law of Ceo Harry, what is he doing here?" I heard a lady ask her colleague as I walked past them with a clear destination in mind."It is him ,what is that useless man doing in our company, doesn't he even remember that we are rivals?" One asked."I won't be surprised if he can't even remember the way to Harry corporation." Someone joked.They burst out laughing."You didn't see the news about his divorce yesterday?" An emp
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Chapter 9: I never say too much.
I sighed."I never say too much, everyone has secrets," I told him and he eyed me suspiciously."Check your phone for bugs by someone else, get your brother in law out of your home , if you want your company to move ahead, ask him about it or set a trap for him, that's left for you to do." I gave him a lot of suggestions."I don't want to accuse my brother-in -law...." He tried to say, but I cut him off."Mr Daniel, sentimental feelings should be put aside, when dealing in business," I reminded him.I was a fool for forgetting."You should only think about your company and the money you will lose if this continues happening, if you lose all that money even your so-called brother in law would insult you for not handling your money properly." I reminded him and he dropped his head to think.I know he did not want to confront his brother-in -law ,because it's his wife's brother and it might cause problems between him and his wife if he does.But his company.He should think about it."I
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Chapter 10: Character design.
Daniel was in a panic."I can't believe that my own brother- in -law is aiming for my downfall after I have done everything in my power to make him comfortable in my home." He shook his head in disbelief.CEO Daniel's voice was laced with pain when anger and a deep frown formed on his foreheads as he shook his head."Harry , I will certainly get back at you for doing this to me!" He spat and I smirked.Yes, this was great.The more anger and hate he holds in his heart for my ex in law's, the smoother my plans would be."Mr Daniel ,can you just ask someone to show me where I would stay? I am tired." I said, snapping him out of his thoughts.He looked at me in momentarily disbelief that I was asking him something like this, when his life was practically falling apart and I just shrugged.I can't do anything about his family matters, what good would it do me to pity him, when I was already in a pitiful situation.I need to rest and calm down my aching head, before I can think of what to
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