The forced one

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The forced one

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All Eddie wanted to do, was go through the heist, and get the job done. He could get a good cut of the money, quit his construction job, and go move to wherever he wanted with his grandmother and annoying cousin. Well, plans didn't go like they were supposed to. In fact, it went so bad, that Eddie was almost killed in cement. If not for his crazy, and abnormal co-worker, Terry Case. Now in a different state, with a fresh new start, Eddie is trying to make up for his cowardice, by joining an underground fight ring. It's on one night though that everything changes; a stranger appears in the back of his car, changing Eddie's life forever.

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The aftermath
Turn it off, he had begged, begged because the thick substance was reaching his shins, and he could hear and feel more pouring down into the hole the construction workers had dug up. They were taunting him and insulting him, and though he knew he had messed up the heist, he didn’t want to die. Especially of suffocation, and especially like this. Suddenly, he heard someone being hit in the head with something, with a force so great, a crunching noise emitted in the air. Gun shots rang out, and then a body flew into the hole with Eddie, no longer moving and then soon covered in cement. Eddie screamed, trying to clamor back up the walls but it was slick with wet cement, and he felt like he was going to have a panic attack when- The end stick of a sledgehammer was placed in the hole, and Eddie scrambled to grab it, yanking himself up out of there. Terry stood there, an angry look in his eyes, but there was something there that wasn’t before, a strange yellow hue in his usual
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Moments before disaster
The car wheezed, and bumbled, as Eddie drove to the store. It was late, almost midnight but he knew a place where it stayed opened twenty-four hours. Sure enough, the little store Pinkys still had it’s open sign on. Eddie parked the car, and ran in, going past the various bottles of alcohol, his eyes landing on a bundle of cilantro. He snatched it right up, heading back to the cashier, a smile on his face. He felt eyes on him suddenly, and he turned around, seeing a man in a long trench coat, and a hat that covered half of his facial features. Eddie glared at him, waiting for the guy to take a hint and to buzz off. The guy straightened up, walking out the door, the bell announcing him leaving. Eddie nodded, handing the cahier his cilantro, and throwing in a water bottle. The cashier rang it up, and he paid in a hundred, walking out without his change. Getting back into the car, he threw the materials into the passenger side, whistling a bit. The car wheeze
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The slight changes
To say that he wanted to call in for his shift at Benito’s Carne y Dulces was an understatement, but deep down, Eddie really wanted some normalcy. Speaking of which, was the sun always this bright? Eddie found himself squinting as he walked into the small store, the bell tinkling. The smell of raw meat hit his nose, and his mouth watered a bit, the butcher in the back cutting what looked like a lamb’s leg. Eddie greeted him, hoping his seven-hour shift would be over in no time. He still had to show up to help Lucas with his own fighting, and he would be there just a little before nine. At the same time, Eddie hoped that the kid would dip out of it, because to be honest, he wanted to sleep the week away. As he was organizing the drinks, and taking inventory, the door opened, and absentmindedly, Eddie said “Welcome, just let me know when you’re ready!’ He heard the customer, a woman, reply lamely, and Eddie went back to checking off the number of bottles of vodka he had
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Answers needed
When Eddie woke up, he was nude. He was passed out in a random part of grass, a cornfield to his left. He heard mooing, and saw a field of cows, watching him disinterested. He rubbed the front part of his head and winced. Where exactly was he? He panicked when he saw blood covered all over his torso, wiping it off from his mouth. As he lifted up his hand, he froze when he saw someone stuck to it. It looked vaguely like Lucas’s shirt that he had on last night, but that would mean… In a flurry of panic, Eddi jumped up, looking all around. His body was tensed as he listened, but besides the animal life around him, and his own heart beating, he couldn’t hear anyone else. But he wasn’t going to give up that easy; Eddie ran, ignoring the fact that he was basically nude, his breathing even as he continued to run, and making sure he checked every tree, he could find nothing. Eddie could feel the tears wanting to run down his face. He was a fucking idiot for not listening to
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Unexpected reunion
Terry flashed Eddie a smile, and as he bounded down the steps, he didn't look like he wanted to say anything towards him though. But too bad for him, Eddie was already out of the car and running behind him. Alicia shouted for Eddie to stop, but he ignored her cries, tackling down Terry to the ground. They wrestled but Terry had the upperhand, as he did have more experience in combat than Eddie ever would. Eddie found himself pinned on his back, Terry's forearm pressed against Eddie's neck. "What the hell do you want, Eddie?" Terry asked, eyes glaring down at him. "I want to know what the hell you're doing here." he choked out, his vision getting a bit spotty as he began to lose air. Terry leaned back away from Eddie, and he sucked in a quick breath. "I had some business to attend to with the alpha." was all that he offered to say, getting up from the ground, and then helping Eddie out. Eddie took his hand wordlessly, standing up next to him. Terry di
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Not the choice he made
Eddie is silent as he stares down at the current dying alpha. He glances at Alicia, who motions for him to start talking. "I don't agree." Eddie replied, and he saw Alicia stiffen next to him. The sickly man stares at Eddie blankly, before roaring in laughter, a laugh so loud, and forceful, it shakes his frame. "You are the perfect choice for the pack." he replied, after he was done for laughing. At that, Eddie took a step forward, a scowl on his face. "You didn't even speak to me about it. You just went ahead and did it! I have a life, you know." Eddie responded, hands balled into fists. "Bah! A life of poverty." the old man said, sitting up, a frown on his face. Eddie darted forward then, grabbing the oldster by the front of his shirt, shaking him a bit. "How can you say that when you have a similar background as me? How can you say that when the first time I shifted, I might have eaten a friend of mine?" The old alpha is wheezing, and we
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What happens now...
Alicia doesn't make a peep as they head back to Isan's room. The silence is interrupted by Isan's breathing, and monitors. He looks at both of them with a calmness, like a man who has already accepted his fate. "I understand your resentment towards you, really I do Eddie." Isan starts, but Eddie cuts him off, motioning him to stop talking. "How did you even know about me?" Eddie asks, Isan looking surprised, but smiling up at him. "Your friend David, or how you knew him, Terry was a big help in that. Says you were a good man with a strong head on your shoulders. I wanted to see for myself, so I invited you to my fighting ring. I watched you for months, and yes even at one point stalked you a little. Outside or in the ring, I saw a fighter, and when I saw you with your Abuelita, I knew I found the one that I wanted to take my place." he looked away for a moment, thinking about his next words in silently. "I know you may think my decision was rash, and it was. I ne
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The Pack
Eddie stares blankly at Alicia, his mouth stuffed with food. He looks a sight, fork raised up with food on it as he's readying for another bite. He clearly isn't ready to meet them, but Alicia is looking past that. After all, he is the new alpha that she must respect. Eddie chugs his juice, wiping his mouth with a napkin as he stares at her. "Don't you think it's a little early to meet the pack?" "Not at all. In fact, it's taken too long for you to meet them. You were supposed to take charge before Isan passed so he could show you the ropes." Alicia fumed, tapping her foot against the floor as her annoyance grew. Eddie says naught, just shoveling more food into his mouth, and Alicia reaches out, grabbing him by the ear as she forces him on his feet. Eddie grabs his plate, as Alicia leads him into the living room. All conversation stops as they look from Alicia to Eddie, and Eddie pulls back, his face going a light red. There's two guys, and two girls,
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Eddie is wandering down the halls, when he notices Alicia standing in front of the portrait, her shoulders shaking a bit. She must be crying, Eddie thinks, and he really wants to let her grieve in peace, but she turns to him at the same time he steps into the hallway ligh, two extra eyes staring at him wary. Eddie freaks out, a loud growl coming from him as he feels his teeth sharpen. Alicia blinks, startled, as her extra eyes mend back into her skin, looking more like herself with two eyes. "I'm sorry!" she says, holding up her hands as she surrenders. "I didn't mean to scare you." "What are you?" Eddie says instead, taking a step back from her. Alicia sighs, as she stares down at her hands. In a way, Eddie does feel bad for asking like that. But at the same time, what did she expect? She had two extra eyes that were just under her skin. So he waited, as Alicia gathered her thoughts. When she looked back up at him, her face looked more composed and r
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The real test
Eddie doesn't know why he's still here. Really he should be at home, tending to his Abuelita, his job, hell, his friend. But he is here in front of the mansion, ready to prove to his newly aquired pack that he has what it takes to be the alpha. Maybe the reason why was because he was trying hard not to face reality just yet. The reality that he was a murderer, and he was the reason Lucas was missing. These thoughts wore on him, not so much on him, but for the loss of Lucas. He was only eighteen, he thought to himself, as he raised his fists. David and Brayden stood straight on the other side of him, in the makeshift ring, Addie and Tric staring on as they continued to drink their orange juice, discussing quietly about something. But Eddie couldn't get himself distracted; he had two opponents to take care of. They stood there for what felt like hours, Brayden standing there relaxed, whereas David matched Eddie's stance. And then they took off. They were
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