The Devil's House

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The Devil's House

By: Skye Blue OngoingOther

Language: English

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Saavni and Ryder are detectives that have to work on a case together. They have to figure out why eight different people went missing in a mansion. They think this will be like any other normal missing people case that they have solved... But little do they know of the dangers that lurk in the house...

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Chapter 1
"Hey, Saanvi! I got a new case you have to investigate," someone said, slamming a folder full of papers on her desk. Saanvi looked up from her computer to see the police chief leaning on her desk. He had one hand leaning on her desk and one on his hip. She looked down at the thick brown folder on her desk full of scattered papers. Saanvi opened up the folder and went through the pages. On the first page, she saw eight pictures of different men and women. There were five females and three men. At the top of the paper, written in red bold letters was “MISSING”. She scanned through the rest of the pages which explained each of the people in detail. Saanvi said, "Wow. That is a lot of missing cases," she said. "But why do I have to work on so many different ones?" "They're connected. All of these people,” the police chief said pointing to each of the photos of the people on the first page, “went missing on a vacation going to the same place... A mansion on Blueberry
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Chapter 2
"We're here," Ryder said, parking the truck on the opposite side of the street from the mansion. The mansion was a beautiful shade of cream and it was gigantic. The mansion was separated from the other house by a few yards on each side. There were many tall trees surrounding the mansion. There was a small forest behind it and Ryder suspected that they might’ve gotten lost in the forest. But Saanvi doubted that all of the people got lost in the same forest. She thought something else happened to them but she couldn’t figure out what. They got out of the truck and walked to the mansion. The front yard had beautiful flowers around a small pond on their left. They walked up a few steps to the front door. The two black doors rose above them. Right behind them were two pillars holding up a balcony above them. The pillars had detailed carvings of birds and flowers. The mansion was the most beautiful thing Saanvi and Ryder have ever seen. Saanvi knocked on the doo
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Chapter 3
Saanvi thought, We have to get out of here! But I can't look away from it. It's like its eyes are holding me hostage. What's wrong with me?! Move Saanvi! Move! Saanvi felt someone shake her and she heard Ryder's muffled voice saying, "Saanvi! Come on! We need to go! He's coming closer!" It felt as though everything was in slow motion. Saanvi slowly turned her head to Ryder. She saw his worried face as he tried to get her to move. She turned her head to the staircase where the Devil was. But it wasn't at the staircase anymore... It was right in front of them. The Devil stood barely a few feet away from them as it lifted its hand behind its head, getting ready to hit them. Before the Devil could hit her, Ryder pushed Saanvi to the ground. She fell on her butt and saw the Devil's hand hit Ryder on the back. She heard him cry out in pain. Ryder flew into the wall behing her. He hit the wall with a loud BOOM! that echoed across the mansion’s walls.
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Chapter 4
Saanvi groaned and slowly opened her eyes. She turned herself over onto her back and stretched but instantly regretted it. Pain shot throughout her body making her bring her arms back down and curl into a ball to ease the pain. Where am I? What happened? Saanvi thought to herself. She slowly sat up using her hands to push her up. Saanvi felt the squishy and wet ground underneath her hands. Saanvi looked down to see what it was and she screamed. Saanvi saw a woman lying face up with her mouth open as if she was stuck in a silent scream. Saanvi looked over the woman’s body and realized that she was dead. The woman's face was pale with all the blood drained out of her. Her clothes were torn and bloody. Saanvi saw the woman's right arm was torn all over with pieces of her skin flapped outward revealing the inside of her arm. The inside of her arm had bite marks all the way down to her bone. It looked like she was eaten. Saanvi screamed and covered her mo
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Chapter 5
Ryder "Come on, you have wake up before they come back," a male voice said in Ryder's ear. The male voice shook Ryder, trying to wake him up. Ryder groaned and slowly opened his eyes to see a man in front of him. The man had straight black hair that hung over his eyes. He was also very muscular like Ryder. The man wore a clean white short sleeve shirt underneath an opened black button down shirt. The man wore tan jeans with an expensive looking brown belt. "Oh good, you are awake now. We have to leave before those things come back," the man said, getting up and putting a hand out for Ryder to grab. "What happened?" Ryder asked as he grabbed the man's hand. The man lifted him up and said, "I heard a loud boom when I was upstairs and I came to see what had made the sound. That is when I found you lying on the floor." Ryder said, "Thanks for helping me. I don't know what would've happened to me if you didn't help." Ryder suddenly realized the man's heig
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Chapter 6
Saanvi Saanvi walked through the bloody hallway underneath the house. It was dimly lit and she could barely see 5 feet in front of her. She put her hands in front of her, protecting her from slamming her face into a wall like she had a few times before. Saanvi had been walking for a while and wondered when the hallway would end. Saanvi continued to walk but slowed to a stop and squinted her eyes. She thought she saw a shadow darker than the shadows surrounding it. She slowly took a few steps closer to the darker shadow. She squinted harder and and thought she could an outline of red horns way above her. That's when she realized what it was. It was the Devil and it was standing right in front of the stairway that led upstairs. To Ryder. And to the escape. She slowly stepped backward and tripped over her own feet. She gasped when she thought the Devil might've seen and heard her but realized it hadn't moved. Saanvi felt a mix of confusion, fear, and cur
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Chapter 7
Ryder Ryder panted, clutching his stomach as he reached the top of the stairs. Lucifer walked past him and looked down both hallways. Pointing to the right he said, "It's this way. Come on." Lucifer lead Ryder through the huge hallway. The tall ceiling towered above them. There were huge windows on their left and many red doors on their right. In between every red door, there was an electrical torch that lit up the hallway, allowing them to see ahead of them. Outside the windows it was dark and Ryder wondered how long he was passed out of the floor. I'm so lucky that Luci found me before the demons did, Ryder thought as he limped behind Luci. They continued walking and when Ryder thought he wouldn't be able to go any father, Luci said, "Here we are." He stopped in front of a black door and said, "This is where I have been staying." Luci opened the door to reveal the most beautiful and massive room Ryder had ever seen. Ryder stepped inside the room and looked inside.
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Chapter 8
Saanvi Saanvi limped through the dark hallway, clutching her stomach with one hand and using the wall for support with the other. She stopped hearing the Devil’s cries of pain a little while ago and was both relived and guilty. She felt bad about hurting it but she also didn't. The Devil had killed eight innocent people and it was going to kill her and Ryder next. But Saanvi also couldn’t stand to see anything in pain. As she walked through the hallway, she thought, I’m sorry, but you made me. Saanvi didn’t know how long she had been walking and her stomach was hurting more and more after each step. She needed to rest but there were no doors down this long hallway. As Saanvi walked through the hallway, she thought, I must've turned the wrong way at the stairs. I'm sure the Devil didn't take me through this long hallway. Saanvi sighe. I should've went the other way... Too late now. I'm not going to go all the way back. I need to rest. Surely a hallway couldn't
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Chapter 9
Ryder Ryder opened his eyes. He immediately closed again when a streak of blinding light hit his eye. Ryder groaned and opened them again, slower this time. He let his eyes adapt to the bright light. He turned his head to the left to see a bowl of water and a bloody towel on the nightstand. He turned his head to the right and saw the curtains pulled away from the window. Ryder sat up and winced at the pain from his ribcage. He looked in front of him and saw Luci coming out from the bathroom. He looked like he had just gotten out of a shower with a white towel around his waist as he used a smaller one to dry his hair. Ryder slowly got up and asked, "You took a shower?" "Yeah. Why? What is wrong?" Luci asked, walking over to him. "I just thought that we shouldn't do that. What if the demons heard us? Or worse... The Devil." "They're not allowed in here," Luci said, sitting on the enormous bed. "What?" Ryder said, staring at Luci. Luci paused a moment befo
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Chapter 10
Saanvi Saanvi sniffled and lifted herself off the floor. She turned around and looked at the door behind her. Bits of wood had fallen off when the demons had banged on the door. Saanvi didn’t realize they had stopped hitting the door until she stopped crying a little while ago. She didn’t want to open the door even after the banging stopped. She was too scared to step foot outside this room. She thought they might be out there. Waiting for her. Saanvi placed her hand on the doorknob. She kept it there for a while, not moving. She knew she couldn’t stay there forever. She had to leave at some point. Better now than later, she thought to herself. Saanvi turned the doorknob and slowly opened the door. It creaked quietly. She opened the door until she had a small gap so she could see the outside hallway. There was light from the windows that lit up the hallway. It’s already daytime? I wonder how long I’ve been in here. The room Saanvi was in didn’t have any windows
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