The infinite growlers

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The infinite growlers

By: Sam Chase OngoingOther

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The war between the werewolves and vampires had been raging on for centuries. They were natural enemies, their instincts programmed to destroy one another. But amidst the conflict, a werewolf named Thrain and a vampire named Lila found themselves drawn to each other. Their first meeting was on the battlefield, but instead of fighting, they found themselves staring into each other’s eyes. There was something about the way they looked at each other that defied everything they had been taught about their kind. They couldn’t explain it, but they felt an unexplainable connection. Over time, they continued to cross paths, seeing each other secretly and forming an unlikely but passionate bond. They knew that if they were ever discovered, the consequences would be dire for both of them. Despite their best efforts, their hidden relationship was discovered by the other members of both factions. The werewolves were enraged at Thrain’s betrayal, and the vampires were disgusted by Lila’s choice to ally herself with their natural enemies. As punishment for their love, Lila was exiled by the vampires, and Thrain was forced to leave his pack. They continued to meet each other in secret, in the desolate forests where they first caught each other’s eye. On one fateful day, the war intensified, and in the chaos of the battlefield, Lila and Thrain were separated. Thrain was mortally wounded by a group of vampires, and Lila used her vampire powers to heal him. In that moment, they both realized that true love knows no boundaries. Together, they proposed a truce between the werewolves and vampires, suggesting that there could be a peaceful coexistence between the two factions. The idea was laughed at by most, but their love eventually led to a detente between the wolves and vampires.

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  • Sam Chase


    It's filled with action.

    2023-10-09 09:58:13
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Chapter 1
Thrain strolled along the deserted pathway of the school, his senses sharpened as his instincts resembling those of a wolf kicked in. Aware of being observed, he could sense the gazes of his fellow classmates fixed upon him. This had become a routine occurrence since the moment he had unraveled his true nature as a werewolf. Previously, he had always sensed a disconnect, but now the reason behind it was made clear to him.As he walked, he caught sight of a cluster of boys gathered closely, engaged in hushed conversations and occasionally casting furtive glances in his direction. Hastening his steps, he couldn't shake off the burden of their penetrating gazes following him from behind. Throughout his life, he had always been susceptible to being targeted by bullies, but ever since undergoing his transformation, the intensity of these assaults had escalated to a point where he scarcely could control his urge to unleash his fury and dismantle them.Thrain tried to ignore them and focus on
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Chapter 2
"Good morning! I hope you're feeling good now?" Mark said, staring down at Thrain as he sat next to him.Thrain looked at Mark as if he were some sort of seer. Mark understood the look on his face. "Well, you told me before you left for home yesterday."Finally, Thrain let out a sigh of relief as he adjusted well in his seat and took out a book. "Man! Have you done Mr. Thomas' assignment?" he asked Mark immediately as he remembered."Yeah," Mark replied, staring down at him."Please, let me have it."Mark sighed and opened up the zip to his bag, taking out his assignment notebook. As soon as Thrain caught a glimpse of it, he grabbed it from him."Come to think of it, you left school very early yesterday and you're yet to do your assignment? This is the first year, and you are already slacking off," Thrain kept continuing to write without paying much attention to what Mark had just said."You aren't answering my questions, man!""Okay, okay, the thing was... I don't know, but yesterday
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Chapter 3
Mark and Thrain ventured deep into the woods, following the trail left by Fiona's car. The trail seemed endless and tiring, leading them further away from their destination. The eerie silence of the woods, broken only by rustling leaves and chirping crickets, sent shivers down their spines.Suddenly, a rabbit darted out, causing Mark to freeze in fear before realizing it was harmless. They finally spotted the car in the distance and approached it cautiously. Thrain rushed towards the door, eager to open it, but Mark stopped him in his tracks."Are you crazy? Do you want to get me in trouble?" Mark exclaimed, pulling out four pairs of gloves from his school bag.Thrain looked at Mark, puzzled by his actions. "Gloves? Are you insane?" Thrain questioned."You can't just touch things without caution. If we don't find them both and the case escalates, the police will get involved. If your fingerprints are found on the car, you could be seen as an accomplice. In the worst-case scenario, if t
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Chapter 4
Thrain was a well-seasoned player, known for his speed, strength, and cunning on the rugby field ever since middle school. He'd been holding back ever since he discovered he was a werewolf.Thrain felt the familiar excitement of anticipation as he sat in the locker room before the rugby match. He looked at himself in the mirror, checking his rugby gear and making sure everything was in place. A teammate of his, Mark, approached him."Hey Thrain, you're looking pretty pumped for the game. Are you ready to do this?" Mark asked.Thrain nodded eagerly, "Yeah, man! I've been waiting for this match for weeks. I really think we can take this team down."Mark smiled, "That's the spirit! But listen, I wanted to talk to you about something. I noticed that you seem to be holding back on the field lately. Isn't it time for you to give it your all?"LAST NIGHTThrain stared blankly. "How the fuck did we get here?" he said as he could see his house from afar."Were you not the one claiming to want t
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Chapter 5
Thrain looked at Mark, realizing he was already lost in Alex's appearance."Aren't you the one always watching me?" Thrain asked."What!" Mark was astonished. An alpha was known to be stronger than anyone other than the zeta in a pack, but my research never stated them to be this stunning, he thought as blushes began to form on his cute face."Well, now that you know, I'll get straight to the point. The full moon..." Alex said, looking straight into Thrain's eyes, "is in two days' time.""Yeah, I know about that. Mark told me already," Thrain replied."You... you aren't a werewolf," Alex said, getting closer, barely an inch away from Mark.Mark could no longer think of anything apart from Alex's scent. It was arousing."Yeah, I'm human, and I promise to keep it safe until I die. No amount of torture will coerce me into speaking a word," Mark replied, barely holding himself. "Damn! His lips are goddamn close to me," he thought.Alex smiled, knowing Mark was nervous since he could hear M
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Chapter 6
"Are you with Thrain, Mark?" Alex asked."No," Mark replied, sounding unsure. "I've tried calling him, but he's not picking up. Why do you ask?""Ethan said he was waiting for him," Alex explained."Wait! Where the fuck are you calling from?" Mark asked, trying to figure out Ethan's location."Obviously, I'm calling from the woods," Ethan replied."If Alex hasn't seen Thrain, then... he's in danger," they both concluded."Hey man! Send me your location, and I'll be there as soon as possible." Mark's phone beeped as he picked up the pace after receiving the location. "Mom! I'll be back," Mark shouted as he dashed out of the house.Mr. Harrison removed the newspaper from his face and watched as Mark hurriedly left the house. "Isn't Mark slowly becoming just like you? Leaving home around midnight? For Christ's sake, today is a special day."Thrain's howl echoed throughout the area. "Finally, I found you," he said as he transformed into a humanoid wolf, increasing his speed as he sprinted
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Chapter 7
The full moon finally came to an end with the infinite growlers' growth towards their main goal, an unknown piece appearing on their chessboard.Zane had finally healed up, Alex saw this and went up to mark, he glared at him for minutes, finally saying a word, “Mark right?” he asked.“Yes!” Mark answered nervously, he still couldn't take Alex's scent off, it was just so intoxicating.“You seem to know a lot about my kind” he said as he stared deep into Mark's eyes. “I mean no harm” Mark stuttered, “Nothing more than interest, I swear” he said as he staggered backward, losing balance, but he was caught by Alex before he fell. Mark was stunned as Alex's hand wrapped around his waist.“Want to join the pack?” Alex asked.“Yeah, I mean I'd if there is a way without getting myself bitten” he said, twitching his mouth.Alex scoffed, dragging mark up, “You've always being nervous around me, feel free” he whispered softly into his ears.“You are smart,” Alex said.“I'm not smart, I just wear
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Chapter 8
It was Monday morning in sunny dale high school.Thrain met Mark in class as always, but something was amiss today, he wasn't reading his usually mythology.Instead, he had his head laid on his desk. Thrain greeted him, they had their normally stylish special handshake, but his grip felt a bit loose.Thrain couldn't keep up with this behavior of mark, he was already getting infuriated.“Hey man! What's with this sudden twist in mood?” he stared at mark with an eye anticipating for an answer, but all mark did was sigh.“Thrain, a lot on my mind, but I would be fine,” he finally said.Good morningA tall guy with a sprout of brown hair, a brown eyes and slightly pointed ears, showed up in their class with a bright broad smile.“I am Rodriguez, your new classroom teacher,” he stated.The whole class began to a throw tantrum as the class captain finally calmed them down as spoke softly, “Good day Mr. Rodriguez, I'm Edith the class captain,” she said.“Good! Nice to meet you”.The headmast
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Chapter 9
Alex asked with a smirk, “Would you like to give it a try?”Mr. Harrison ran the fastest he could towards Alex. A loud scream and groan filled the building as the electric stun baton hit his waist. He had no other choice but to transform into his giant wolf form.Alex clenched his fist as the electric course through his body, his bones snapped and rearranged, muscles rippled and expanded as his appearance began much larger and taller.Mr. Harrison's face showed a wicked grin as he commented, “It's been a while since I've seen this unsightly side of you, Alex.”Alex, who was about to swipe his claws across Mr. Harrison's face, made a halt. He could sense something, and it was dangerous, gradually he went back to his form.Unfortunately, Mr. Harrison had increased the electric baton to a million volts.Alex screamed out loud as it touched his head.Damn! Damn it!Alex shouting loudly, he was unable to shake the feeling off his mind. As he attempted to stand up, he lost his balance and f
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Chapter 10
“And so am I,”.Alex lunges his claw into the back of the figure, forcing him to drop Thrain. In one move, he flung the figure, forming a large crater on the ground.“And what do you think you guys are doing instead of studying?”.Ethan and Thrain stared at Alex while panting heavily as they laid helplessly on the ground.“Like seriously, you guys need some training to do,” he said. “Well, I understand he is an alpha, but you guys couldn't even hold your ground against him… that's shame to the pack”.He walked towards the person as he had finally transformed back into his human form, die to the hard impact with the ground.Alex stared down at him, with a loud growl, “Who're you?” he asked.The figure laughed as he laid on the ground with no intention of answering his questions, “The infinite growlers pack… What a joke!”.Alex was enraged at his words. He hated his pack being looked down upon.The scene still played in his mind even until the date. The annihilation of their pack a hund
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