The Connection

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The Connection

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Does one's choices dictate what path they go down or does it create a butterfly effect for those around, find out as many backstories connect to make the picture clearer from different perspectives of a mirror one can say. Jerry and those who surround him find all their fates tied and intertwining.

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Jerry is your average high schooler but he finds himself caught between clashing tides, a twist of fate one can say. Can he handle all the physical strain caused and also the mental torment he's put through. He is trying to push part all his hardships but he cannot help but be at the root of it all. Although it is not only Jerry but those who surround him, they all create a tree of vines, those vines are their fates and all of them eventually cross. Past, Present and Future become a river that flows along the same stream.
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Chapter 1 - Bravery
Today's story begins on a hot sunny day. A boy named Jerry was on his way to school when he passed by another classmate's house. He saw their house was being surrounded by cops armed with guns. He asked people around what's going on and they all said apparently there's a serial killer who broke into that house. Jerry asked, "Why the hell aren't the cops going in to get him." The other people said apparently the serial killer is holding people hostage. Jerry ran in the house, grabbed a knife and rushed for the serial killer and tried stabbing him, but the serial killer stabbed Jerry in the leg. Jerry fell and grabbed the serial killer and told the people living there and said "Quickly! Get out of here while I keep him busy." They ran out but Jerry's classmate said, "You idiot, you should've just stayed out of this, thank you." "Don't worry about it now run! ", Jerry replied. When they were all out, they told the cops the situation. The cops went 1 by 1 and found the boy and the se
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Chapter 2 - Regret
"How could you say that after what happened yesterday?", asked Marleen. "Excuse me miss the patient is still in a bad condition." explained the nurse. "Sorry I'll be taking my leave now!" cried Marleen.Later that day Marleen went to Jerry's home to give his parents her apologies but Everyone except Jerry's sister forgave her. "No, I'll never forgive her, she's the reason why Jerry is in the hospital!" shouted Jerry's Sister. "Kelsey it's not her fault that a serial killer targeted her home." said Jerry's Dad. Kelsey ran to her room crying. "Kelsey wait!" shouted Jerry's Mom. Marleen apologised for causing them trouble and Jerry's parents told Marleen that she shouldn't worry about what happened. Marleen went home and called her friend Shana for help to take away her regret. "Shana, please help me.", cried Marleen. "Marleen, I know you still have regrets over what happened yesterday, you never knew Jerry would come in and try save you and your family, but he did and he did it f
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Chapter 3 - Recovery Part 1
"Shana why did this have to happen, why did things turn out this way?" cried Marleen. "Marleen... you couldn't have done anything about what happened, you couldn't control Jerry's actions and you sure as hell couldn't predict that a serial killer would come and take you and your family hostage." said Shana. "Well Well Well, if it isn't Shana and her broken little friend Marleen, hahaha I never thought I'd find you two in here having such an emotional talk." said Janette "Why the hell are you here, shouldn't you be telling girls you're the self-proclaimed Queen of the school?" asked Shana angrily. "Relax Shana I'm not here to start anything, I'm here to tell that sorry excuse for a Queen to stop crying over some idiot who made a suicidal attempt to save you, you're the Queen of the school, act like one, watching you like this disgusts me!!" stated Janette "Janette! Watch it!" shouted Shana. "Shana... it's okay she's right I don't know why I'm over here crying over him, I never sa
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Chapter 4 - Recovery Part 2
"Well, the patient's condition is bad but he's lucky that he survived cause he had a stab wound in his stomach and leg and he'll probably recover in 2 months' time." explained the Nurse. "Oh, I see, well Jerry it'll be awhile until me and you can be together again." said a mysterious girl. "______ is that you? Aren't you supposed... to be at school?" asked Jerry. "Don't speak Jerry, I want you to heal up, I'm here to stay with you. I don't really need to be at school, things aren't interesting so I'll be here to stay with you until you recover. Remember when I got bullied and all the girls would hit me and kick me than you came in saying that beating up other girls doesn't sit right with you and you said "If you're going to kick someone then kick me, leave her alone and kick me." You've never even asked why they were beating me up, you just stood up for me and ever since then the bullying started stopping, but everyone hated me because I couldn't stand up for myself, but you talke
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Chapter 5 - Janette's True Feelings
"Hey Melionna... so how have things been at school in the 2 months I've been in the hospital?" Jerry asked curiously. "Well, the day Marleen came back everyone chased after Marleen and asked her about the incident that happened, they overwhelmed her and her friend took her somewhere and that's all I know." replied Melionna. "Oh, I see." Jerry said sadly. Meanwhile at Jerry's school... "Yo Marleen, I don't wanna see you in that terrible state again now that the news of Jerry might return to school soon." Jacques said angrily. "Shut up you idiot, I was a fool 2 months ago; I let that idiot get too close and that won't happen again." said Marleen. "Marleen usually I'd shout at Jacques, but he's right." Shana struggled saying. "Yea Yea Yea I got it, I don't want Janette to bite my head off so I don't need to hear anymore about that stuff." said Marleen. Afterschool, Janette went to a restaurant her parents owned. In there she met 2 familiar faces. "Oh, hey Janette." greeted Jerry
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Chapter 6 - Family
Later that day... Melionna helped Jerry get home. -knock knock knock- "Who is it?" asked Kelsey, Jerry's younger sister. "It's Jerry" Jerry replied. Kelsey opens the door and screams "Big bro its you!" Kelsey hugged Jerry. "Ow Ow Ow easy there! I'm still a bit hurt." Jerry told Kelsey. "Sorry Sorry I'm just so happy you're back Big Bro. So, who's this girl next to you, the last girl that was here made me angry?" Kelsey asked Jerry. "Oh yeah, Kelsey this is Melionna she's been staying with me at the hospital everyday and she helped me walk home right after she took me to a restaurant to celebrate me being checked out the hospital." Jerry explained to Kelsey. Melionna said "H... Hi I'm your big bro's helper and protector." Kelsey replied, "Oh nice to meet you I better not find out that you're okay than I'll give you a chance but, mess it up and things won't go well between me and you." Jerry said, "Alright now Kelsey don't scare her she's been really supportive and helpful, I t
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Chapter 7 - Debt to Pay
2 Months Ago...Back at the police station the interrogation team interrogated the serial killer. The serial killer didn't want to tell them anything but he did tell them one thing, "The Truth" he kept repeating those words. One of the officers recognised him as one of the hostage's ex-husbands. The serial killer immediately glared at that officer who said it and the officer got scared as he questioned why the serial killer glared at him.The Next Morning...Jerry went outside just to get some sunshine and while he was outside, he saw a familiar face. He saw Marleen's parents outside on a morning jog. Jerry greeted them and they were relieved to see Jerry was recovering and they asked him if there's anyway that they could repay him but, Jerry insisted that they shouldn't worry about it. Marleen's parents felt sorrowful in their hearts seeing Jerry was still injured. Jerry told them its okay and he'll recover. He told them to give Marleen his regards. Marleen's parents said their goodb
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Chapter 8 - Wrong Street
Melionna stopped by Jerry's house the next morning to check up on him. Elina welcomed Melionna into their home but, at the time Jerry was out for a walk. Whilst he was out on his walk he overheard screaming in the distance. Jerry's legs started shaking when he saw a woman getting raped by 3 men while 2 men were armed with guns while watching. Jerry was trembling and started slowly walking away so he doesn't get spotted, but he accidentally trips on a rock.MeanwhileBack at Jerry's house, Melionna and Elina start talking and Elina asks Melionna if she likes Jerry. "What!? No, of course not what would make you think that anyway?" Melionna asked nervously. Elina smiled and told Melionna to take care of Jerry. Melionna said, "Sure uhm I'll take care of him." Kelsey came out her room looking for Jerry and Elina told her that he's still out. Kelsey got a bit worried because Jerry has been out for an hour. Melionna started getting worried and went to look for Jerry and she started getti
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Chapter 9 - Unanswered Questions
The Next Day*Ding Dong* ... *Ding Dong*Someone was ringing the doorbell at Marleen's home and Marleen was the only one home at the time. Marleen opened the door and she saw 2 police officers at her door step. "Hello officers, how can I help you today?" Melionna asked curiously. The officers said they just wanted to talk with Marleen. Marleen let them in the house they sat down. The officers asked Marleen if her parents are home, she said no. The officers then showed Marleen a picture of the serial killer who held her family hostage 2 months back. They asked her if she recognised him, but she said no. Then Marleen started getting suspicious and asked the officers if her and the serial killer might have a little secret relationship that connects the 2 of them. The officers ignored her question and said "Thank you for your time." They escorted themselves out and left Marleen curious as to what they wanted to know. Marleen saw they forgot the picture, but they'd already left and Mar
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