BC Dix-Sept

       "What'd you think?"

      Those three words. They wouldn't had expected him to say more than that. He'd walked up to Paul firstly and tossed an idea of having sometimes with the ladies. After that, they'd both gone to meet the ladies and were together at the moment. Theere had not being a teacher in the class. They felt the tuning time sleeping away from their grasps. They needed help. They needed help with doing something. They wouldn't just seat and expect some miracles to happen. They were students and were expected to act it. They'd gone out of their class and were sitting on two block-chairs under a tree.

      They'd been seated for like five minutes and none of them was going to say anything. He knew quite alright that Paul was being conscious of what to say because he was with his yet to be girlfriend. He was obviously watching his steps with her. He need

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