Bonus Chapter Deux

    "So long a day."

       Twas their nuptial shindig. Her lips were weary. She had no idea how she'd wielded those four. She threw aside the black heels with needle tongue. Most times what fashion was called was not actually what it turned out to be. Inconvenience was the best thing to call seeking attention with one's attires. She wasn't actually seeking attention. Twas her, matter-of-factly,her wedding. Who wouldn't look her best on such a day? Memory be fleshened: she recalled when Lil, her step sister was betrothed until nuptials. She was more than looking awkward. Like awkwardly good. The foundation of her makeup was puking excess! She hadn't looked that way.

       She remembered telling the maid of honor to skip special rites of dress code, but her best friend wouldn't her. What best thing could you receive than having your best friend as your maid of honor on the greatest day of you

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