Into the Future IX

       "Most times, life is simply unfair. We've just got to suck from it whatever it serves us. We most times don't have the choice to make. Choices have already been made. We're simply just to act the scenes which had been written out. Written out by some fingers or claws which had been trained by time."

       He advanced. He had been sitting. He obviously was tied. She was tired also and would seize that medium. She could make use of it also and stretch her limbs. But if she truly wanted to be true to herself, then she did know that the rest was not supposed to be a choice. She was liberated. He returned to where he stood from. She didn't know what to think of him. Quite the numbers of thoughts were rippling in her subconsciousness. She wouldn't seem so vulnerable. She wasn't sure if she had been. She had been walking and walking until she had accosted him. She could discern from distance that he was

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