Streaming to Glory

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Streaming to Glory

By: Life_Of_Mid Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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Despite taking the blame for his father-in-law's crimes resulting in a 3 year jail term and a complete loss of his illustrious career, Ethan Jones, former top gamer, returns home to find that his wife is cheating on him and his in-laws no longer want anything to do with him. Abandoned and left for dead, Ethan considers his life to be over but when he awakens, he finds himself equipped with a streaming system that gives him money as long as he completes missions. Given a second shot at life, Ethan Jones swears vengeance on those that wronged him and this time, only the peak of the world would be enough to satisfy his ambitions!

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  • Life_Of_Mid


    Hey guys, Life_Of_Mid back again with another one. Hope y'all enjoy this one as much I enjoyed writing it. Thanks in advance and God bless.

    2024-04-10 01:54:42
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119 chapters
Chapter 1
The warm sun beamed down on Ethan's face, bringing a smile to his lips as he made his way toward the grand estate of the Williams family. Today was a special day for him as not only had he finally been released from prison, having served his time for a crime he didn't commit, but it also happened to be the anniversary of his marriage to Lucia Williams, the woman he loved with all his heart.Ethan thought it fated that it would happen like this which was why despite not having anything, he still got something for Lucia to celebrate the occasion.It had been 3 years since he last saw her with Lucia not bothering to come see him even once since he was forced to take the fall for her father who had been involved in a fraud case that would have seen him spend life behind bars.All because of his love for his wife and unwillingness to see her dad suffer, Ethan had taken the fall and would have spent life behind bars if not that he was let out early on good behavior. He was curious to kno
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Chapter 2
Ethan stood rooted in place, unable to accept that it was the same woman he loved who was standing before him.His lips quivering, he remarked. “Lucia, I sacrificed everything for your sake. I gave away everything to save your father yet…”“Oh please, save the melodramatics. Do you think I care?... Look, Jason is the new top gamer for Mega Sports and he just recently signed a 3-year deal worth millions of dollars. He is about to become the number one gamer in the country, so you don't expect me to leave him for a pauper like you, right?” Her words were like knives as they lacerated Ethan's heart repeatedly, leaving him hurting badly.“How can you say that?”“Ugh, Lucia, can you be fast?... I've got a hard and I need to get it soft.” Jason remarked at that moment, adding salt to Ethan's numerous wounds.“Give me a minute darling, I'm trying to talk some sense into this fool,” Lucia replied coquettishly before shifting her attention back to Ethan. “Look, let's not waste too much time o
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Chapter 3
Ethan woke up to find himself in a forest, surprised at how he managed to survive getting shot at point-blank range.Before he could figure anything out, a blue screen appeared before him.[Welcome back, Host, your audience awaits, would you like to begin your first stream now?]Ethan blinked in confusion as he stared at the system interface.He'd thought it was a dream but to think that he had awakened a system like those protagonists in fantasy novels!It was too surreal that he laughed out loud like a maniac, excited that life hadn't forsaken him and had instead given him a chance to take back what was stolen from him.Taking a deep breath, he summoned up his character sheet.[Name: Ethan Jones // Level= 1 (0/100) // Skill: Nil][Inventory: Unavailable // Shop: Unavailable (Unlocked at Level 10)][Mission: Open a channel and announce yourself to the world][Remaining time left to mission: 5:00][Reward: 1000 coins, 50 EXP, Fame +10, One Random Skill][Failure to complete the task i
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Chapter 4
The guards immediately rushed toward the gates upon realizing who was honking, their arrogant demeanor with Ethan completely gone.Ethan considered continuing on his way inside but decided to wait, watching and the guards did their work with utmost respect and diligence.A convoy populated with limited edition jeeps drove in and parked a few meters away from Ethan before suited men armed with guns and wearing shades jumped down and lined up beside the car at the center of the convoy.A second later the door was opened by one of the suited men, revealing an incredibly beautiful woman wearing a beautiful red gown and minimal makeup.She looked like a fairy as she got down and glanced around.The guards immediately rushed to greet her. “We pay homage to the daughter of the Goldberg family.”The woman didn't respond as her eyes landed on Ethan, scrutinizing the man as he did the same to her.Noticing that she hadn't replied, the guards followed her gaze before cursing inwardly as they gla
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Chapter 5
Ethan grinned sheepishly as he stared at his account balance.In all his years as a gamer, he'd never made so much money in a single day yet here he was making it without breaking a sweat.It felt too good to be true but he had confirmed it was real so he remarked.“Can I transfer my money to another bank?”[Of course!... Would host like a list of banks which could serve as storehouses for his finances?]“Keep it in my treasury.”[Unfortunately, the Host hasn't unlocked this feature yet. Would the host like to pay for it?]“How much?”[100 coins]Ethan nearly fell over as he stared at the screen. 100 coins?... Was this system trying to rip him off or something?Gritting his teeth, he ultimately replied. “Fine then, exchange the money for coins and open the feature.”[Carrying out the transaction now][Transaction successful, treasury successfully unlocked][Current account balance: $54,000,000]Nodding in satisfaction, Ethan inquired. “What do I need to do to get exp?”As a gamer, he
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Chapter 6
Caroline's colleagues waited in anticipation as they murmured amongst themselves.“Just wait, you'll see he'll try to run away now.”“Hmmph, though that Caroline is just too foolish, we aren't, let's see how she would still be considered better than us for falling for such a petty scammer.”However, contrary to their expectations, Ethan waited until Caroline returned with the Card reader.Thinking inwardly, he communicated with the system. 'I need a Card.’[What type would the host like?]'Which ones are available?’[Black Card, Blackgold Card, Silver Card, and Gold Card. According to your account balance, you can only get a Black Card]'Then what was the need to ask me what type I want?’[...]'Oh gosh, just give me a Black Card.’[Right away]Just then, Caroline called his attention. “Uhmm sir, I've brought the card reader. Your card please?” Though she was trying to act calm, she was somewhat nervous, after all, she'd heard her colleagues and was worried that Ethan was indeed a sc
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Chapter 7
“Oh baby, you don't know how happy I am to know that you'll finally be buying me a car,” Megan remarked excitedly as she rubbed her chest against Jason's causing the latter to grin like a fool.“Hehe, of course, anything for my sweetheart.”“You know, Maddie and the girls have been teasing me for a while now, that despite having a rich boyfriend, I haven't changed my car yet. I was so upset hearing them say such rude things about you but I didn't know what to say. Now that you are buying a car for me, I'll make sure to shut them up.” “Hmmph, do they know who I am?... I am currently signed with Mega Sports and on the road to becoming the number one gamer in the country, they shouldn't dare look down on me.”“Of course, baby.”“But…” Jason trailed off as he leaned in closer while using the opportunity to grab Megan's butt. “I hope you won't object to us spending the night together.”“Oh, naughty boy.” Megan shyly replied as she playfully tapped his chest. “Don't worry, my dad is curren
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Chapter 8
Ethan grinned inwardly though his outward appearance was the epitome of tranquility.Jason had fallen beautifully for his trap and now it was only a matter of time before he realized the unfortunate situation he was in.However, before he could offer a response to Jason's reaction to his bait, Jason intoned. “But we have to make it a little more interesting else I don't plan on taking part.”“Oh?” Ethan raised a brow. “What do you have in mind?”“The loser of the bid would have to publicly apologize to the winner by kowtowing seven times. Understood?”Ethan gawked, causing Jason to smirk. “What?... Cat caught your tongue perhaps?”'Hmmph, you dare to try and embarrass me?... Be prepared to pay the price!’ Jason thought, even expecting Ethan to back out so he could mock him.However, just then, he couldn't help but notice that Ethan was trembling but it wasn't out of fear, no, it was one born out of joy.'This imbecile just keeps making things better!’ Ethan celebrated inwardly as he w
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Chapter 9
Oswald was the owner of SteelHorse and one of the big guns in the upper echelons of society.He was said to be a rich scammer who only related with those who were rich or had the potential to be rich.The former he kissed up to, the latter, he groomed them to benefit his pocket.Currently, in his office at SteelHorse, he was standing at the window admiring the city skyline which was entrancing due to the angle provided.As he sipped his red wine, he pondered a few new business deals he planned on making only to be jolted from his thoughts as the door to his office was swung open and an average woman rushed in.“What's wrong?” Oswald asked his assistant.“We have a problem, sir.”“What?”“As per your instructions, we have implemented the order of bidding for exclusive car models that have more than one person vying to purchase it. Unfortunately, one of our beta users has launched a complaint.”“What kind of complaint?”“He claims that the employee in charge of the bidding was paid off
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Chapter 10
It was a lavish room worthy of the title VIP as it was outfitted with the best money could buy while the table had quite a few delicacies, both local and foreign, placed on it with five maids waiting to offer their services should they be called upon.Ethan sat in the room across from Oswald who had intentions of suddenly bringing him to such a place.Of course, Ethan wasn't flustered in the slightest and instead, looked forward to what was to be his first step into the business world.“So, may I ask why you called me to such a place, Mr. Oswald?” Ethan calmly inquired as he indulged in a samosa.Oswald chuckled. “Nothing at all, Mr. Ghost. You see, when I see successful young men like yourself, I feel it necessary to get acquainted.”“Oh?”“Of course!... I believe the future is with me like you so to not be left behind, it's only right that I do so.”“I guess you are correct.”“So tell me, are you new in the city?” Oswald inquired.Though his question seemed innocent at first glance,
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