Into The Future VIII

     "Why would she do that?"

       "I really don't know."

      Machli was trying not to be vexed. He was trying to be sane. He was trying not read odd meanings to what had happened earlier. He actually didn't know what to think or how to make it into taunting thoughts. His jaw was shifting. He knew he might be left with no choice but to keep hanging in thoughts. He was getting confused and more. He had no idea what Reagan was up to. She had never been like that. She was quite the lady with a soft spot. She of course wasn't the all tough type of lady. She wasn't supposed to do anything close to what did happened. He was trying to figure out to no avail. Pain was pawning his rage. He wasn't ready to give in. He could use quite the numbers of feelings but pain. He kept browsing his thoughts for suiting answers to no avail. How would all his efforts be tantamount to naught. H

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