"Hello! Could you confirm if there are any six people checked in and where they are at the moment."

    One of the technical guys said as he fixed the telephone into its place again. Lambz had no idea what he had meant by that. He remembered that he had told that some six folks came there. What was whoever he had called going to confirm then?. Like he didn't believe him. 

     He had told him to play and replay the footage over and over again. There was nothing to show for. He was so glad that he made the lady stay. If he hadn't stayed the secretary, he probably wouldn't have been able defend himself before the crazy and annoying technical guys. 

      "What do we do now?"

   She made confetti of the silence. He looked at her. Her lips were red and soft. He felt like tasting them. But he must be crazy to think that way in such mo

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