"Come over here, come over here!"

    A man who had been seating to the old woman who had been turned into a parrot waved towards the cops. The fairy wanted to stop him but didn't want to cause another havoc. He needed to be careful with whatever he would do, else he might live to regret it. He actually wouldn't want that to happen though. 

    He looked hastily across the Cinema, sorting out with his gaze his mate. They meant so much to him though they hadn't been together since forever. 

    He somewhat respect the spirit of friendship and would do anything for his friends. If not for that, he wouldn't be with the prince charming let alone get to meet the crazy family of Machli. 

   That was not the good time for the thoughts. Machli and Madla were no longer at odds. They were looking towards him. That was what it was. They

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