"Why are you taking it lightly with these fellows?"

    The man seating next to the leader of the cops said. He was plumpy but with a small face. The eyes in the socket were too large for the face to bear and it made it seem as though the eyes were the lamp of his instinct. 

    He had been bothered ever since they got on the SUV. He had wanted to talk but had been keeping his calm. Not actually because he had run outta words but because he needed something to stimulate the thoughts which had been severing his mercy. 

    At back of the SUV were two other cops. One of cops had been in the car all along. Making three of them who had decided to follow the leader to the cinema. Twas quite an event that day but twas actually more than what it was. 

    Two other vehicles followed from behind them. The one in the middle had two of the coupl

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