"That's all I can say. All I can recall."

      The rusty rays emanating from the flashlights of the cameras had begun to wear on her consciousness. She was becoming irritated. She wanted to push through the press, push them down, but courtesy demanded more than that. But they didn't seem wearied. They weren't satisfied, they wanted to ask more questions. They've never been satisfied. Probably that was an entire course on its on: NBTOAQ 121 (Not being tired of asking questions). She scoffed, sure of the position of her gaunt before such would reincarnate yet new questions. She signalled to have a way, amidst the vociferation and clicks.

      The session with the governor wasn't as pressing as the press'. Only that both had been a little bit of a faker skin. One being the cremated clone of the other. She recalled how she'd won the a

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