"Cheer up, babes."

    There was no escape root for her. Her glottis had shrunk that severed syllables fought their damped way out of the punctured pharynx. A need of being their saviour arose as she stayed the oddities in the cleft of the taunted tongue.

     It was a great day. Her 18th birthday. Everyone was there. Everyone she'd ever interpreted the concept 'love' to. Or suiting to say, everyone she thought the concept 'love' suit. But her father wasn't. The gaunt smile of Dreg kept her in the hollow of reverberating thoughts. But wanky worries picked her out of the worn path - the longing for her father.

     She pretended to be fine. She had been pretending since the convocation of her friends. Her emotive hug hoisted her seductive pleasures when Dreg squeezed her into feeble particles, at arrival.

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