The intervaled fading of the felon florescent light tossed sundry ideas pride squashed. She didn't want to be negative. Not a day before her birthday. But everything around her proved negative. Her dad, though gotten all the needful for the celebration of her 18th, was fastened-to-hell sick. Her friends hadn't called nor showed up and twas  evening. Not even Dreg. Probably, he was yet nursing a grudge against her. But she knew him very closely, he wouldn't have been ignoring her for the sake of attributions relative to crushes. She was convinced. But what was really wrong?

      She had gone to check her father in the hospital, and was just returning. She'd taken bites of the leftover pizza she ate halfway earlier that day. She washed its confetti lingering in the eerie esophagus with the bruised bottle of Pepsi. She tried resting on a side, but oddities kept gnawing at her peace. She wasn't a soothsayer. But s

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