"Woohh. At last!"

    The sassy smirk broke into smithereens of sigh as his porous paws complemented the stimulus scaffold. He'd been starved of freedom since the day that man with the moving carriage worked his felony voluptuous voodoo on him. Ideas were tottering. He'd only bitten into that creature's face. He didn't yank it off. He had no business with her. Only two assignments gulped his acumen. He would go for that man, then his family. Ideas had been conceived, plans to bring them to delivery mocked the contracted acumen.

       The sassy smirk came alive once more. He was too smart for the rest of those creatures to had apprehended him . He'd dug sundry gores in the flesh of whoever came his way. He felt the breath of the fresh blood tickling his pulpy paws. If he could, he would have sho

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