Turning Point XIII

     "Hey, Dreggy! How many cups have you filled?"

       She swayed. Of course everyone was acquainted with what kinda person Bella was. She wasn't some stray angel. Probably the saying of a familiar demon is better than a strange angel met its semantic stance on her. Her bikini was more than hot. Well, it was, but like an Ethiopian barbecue. He wanted to gobble her. Her waist was canvassed by the hooey of her butts. A part of her edible tit sang a hymn his instinct could not decode. He was going to go insane. He knew that. But he wouldn't do that at that moment. He was just savoring the odds and pleasantries tossed by the present moment. She gave herself into his arms. Damn! He wasn't expecting it. The hug was more than what it was. The hugs he had been receiving hadn't been in such form or manner. Probably he was thinking too much. Or he was feeling it so differently because he was alread

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