Turning Point XII

[Mate! You shouldn't have left there.]

Was Paul already thinking like the ladies? He wanted to be sure. What did he mean by he shouldn't had left there? Hadn't he seen what they ladies did. Like the way they ganged up against him. As though they were foes and not friends. He didn't want to nurse the feeling tenderly. It would serve him no mercy. He could simply squander his thoughts for nothing. How belittling that would be of him. He couldn't be sure of what to think. He let his rage subside as he sucked the nectar tossed by patience. He looked at Paul. Again. He had been looking at him actually, but he had been looking past him. Like he had been seeing someone else. Probably because his thoughts had had the best part of him. But he knew who Paul was. And matter-of-factly, as he spoke to him, he had a dark smile etched in his visage. The smile was beginning to seem to him as a cliche. But he already knew his kinda friend was acquainted with him. He knew what he was

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