Turning Point XI

  [And what was that supposed to mean?]

     He was greeted by such syllabic blow from Sea. He knew what she could say and what she usually was up to. It wasn't strange or new to him. He wasn't surprised. Why would he be? He knew Sea quite well. He had known her since forever and would keep abreast what he was expected to do. He knew what was expected of him, but he needed to be sure of his chances. He needed to know whether or not he would stand a chance with them. He simply wouldn't bend to some charade. He was usually upfront. It didn't matter whether or not he was dickhead or douchebag to them. He looked at Dar. She wasn't simply looking at him. Paul still had his sassy smirk on. He had no idea why ladies take offences on things that could be ignored. Wasn't Paul also a friend? He could had also been mad at him. He could had left there. But he chose to laugh at that moment. They could had also done just that. He knew that later, Paul woul

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