First mission (3)

   The next morning I woke up to the sun burning almost blinding me. I stood up from my bed to close the curtains and almost stumbled upon my feet.

Harry was sleeping in a bent position with his knee up to his chin and he was cuddling his pillow.

I found it kinda cute but wait! He was still sleeping by this time?! How tired he must have been.

Since I didn't want to wake him, I carefully shut the door after me then went to the kitchen to get water.

Today was my off day so I decided that I was going to spend the day with the other guys and Harry.

I was still sipping from the glass when Conny walked. Conny was a lot like me, quite and introverted. He was the polar opposite of the elder brother Mike.

"good morning " I greeted him.

"good morning " he greeted back then opened the fridge to take a bottle of water.

He sat

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