First mission (4)

  The rest of us sat still until Julian left to make breakfast. Jeff left afterwards to help Julian.

Later on, Mike and Conny left, leaving me and Harry.

"are you up for it? " Harry asked. It took a while for me to comprehend the question before answering.

"yeah " I said playing with my fingers.

"nervous? " I look up to find him staring at my fingers. I had almost forgotten that I play with my fingers whenever I was nervous.

"I am "

"don't work yourself up "

"I'm not. It's just.... "

"what?  Conny? "

I didn't say anything so he understood.

"look, Conny may not be the most exciting person to hang out with but I'm sure of one thing, he's the best partner you'll need for this mission "

"why can't we be partners? " that came out before I had the chance to stop it. I was starting to f

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