First mission (5)

      I was so sure of if, my eyes and memory never deceives me.

"that's the guy from the supermarket!" I nudged Conny.

"are you sure? "

"affirmative. I never forget a face "

"alright " he said then got up.

"where are you going? "

"to get more info "

"I'm coming with you "

We both left our hideout and walked towards the Excalibur building. We were disguised so we wouldn't have to face the problem of being recognized.

We walked towards a group of talking men.

"ah excuse me sirs " they turned to look at us.

"what! " one of the guys spat.

"ah, we were supposed to deliver a package to a Mr Siffredi " Conny said bringing out a parcel.

Wow, he can't up with something fast, And Mr Siffredi?

It took all the

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