The mole (3)

    This new discovery changes everything. We had a mole in our midst. This meant that we were out in the open. We were exposed to our enemies.

We may have defeated Excalibur but we were still at a high risk because now we don't have a clear knowledge of who our real enemies are. We were in an open range danger.

After the interrogation, Nico ordered a round table meeting with the crème de la crème of the gang. Oddly, I was also invited to the round table meeting. 

"what if this dork doing here? " Edgar spoke up immediately he saw me entering the room.

"this dork was partly responsible for saving your ass " Harry butted in.

"I wasn't talking to you, jeez " he surrendered and went back to minding his business.

Harry moved a bit, leaving space for me to sit beside him. I sat down and looked round the room at the faces of the people

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