Chapter 70: Final Battle

The roar echoed inside the Chamber. Then, the Monster tucked its body and assumed a Defensive State.

“It worked! The Skill is disrupted!” Mario shouted with a smile on his face.

Mario and Orixa’s attack reduced the Harva Dryo’s HP to 75%.

“Those attacks are powerful… and it only dealt 8% damage to the Monster?” Marco wondered.

“I think it’s by default. The Monster’s HP can’t be deducted further if it reached the 75% mark - no matter how powerful the previous attacks were. It should proceed to the Healing Phase right away,” Hierre explained.

Marco understood.

“It’s preparing to rejuvenate now,” Billy uttered.

“Get ready! A Flower will show up anytime now!” Orixa warned the Flower Destroyers.

As expected

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