Utopian Fantasy: "A Fair Game"

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Utopian Fantasy: "A Fair Game"

By: Imbo CompletedSystem

Language: English

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Warning: The story contains scenes that may be disturbing for some people. Reader discretion is advised. In the year 2031, a long-awaited “Play-to-Earn” game under the name “Utopian Fantasy" will be having its Grand Launch. The game features unique gameplay wherein players would have to use their real physical bodies to enter the fantasy world. Due to the rise of global poverty, millions of people saw the game as an opportunity to make a living. One of them is Mikaila - a college student who badly needs money to support her education. The game also features the so-called“Game Events” in which players are forced to participate. Can Mikaila and her friends uncover the mysteries and conspiracies behind the game? Art Cover by @kuma_chan28 Contact him for commissions: kumac215@gmail.com


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Chapter 1: Mikaila
“Truly, this year has been a wonderful success and a major leap for mankind. This year alone, we were able to witness several scientific and technological breakthroughs. And finally, we have come to this point in time - the pinnacle of human creation! Before this year has come to an end, we will see and experience the cream of the crop of 2031’s extraordinary products. By next week, December 31, 2031, at exactly 23:59 UTC+14, Utopian Fantasy will finally open its Portals for players all over the globe! We know that some of you have waited long enough for this game. In fact, hundreds of millions have already pre-registered for the game’s launch. The game was initially scheduled to be released years ago. But due to unforeseen circumstances, it was delayed time and time again. Again, we deeply apologize for that. But do not worry! The wait is over! We will also assure you that your patience will be greatly compensated. Various features and in-game content that were not part of the ini
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Chapter 2: New Year's Eve
A week had passed since the announcement of Utopian Fantasy’s Grand Launch. It’s the last day of 2031. “Are you ready? Did you eat already? What else do you need?” the concerned questions of Mikaila’s mother. “It’s okay, Mom. I’m fine,” Mikaila answered. “By the way, why are you so early? I thought the game would be opening at midnight?” “Mom, the developer said that the game will launch at 23:49 UTC+14. But we’re in UTC+8 time zone.” “I don’t know what that means.” “To make it simple, the game will launch at exactly 5:59 PM in our country.” “But it’s 1 o'clock in the afternoon! You’re still early for that time!!” “Mom, it’s better to be early. Hundreds of thousands had pre-registered in our city alone. So, it is expected that the Local Sites will be crowded early,” “I see, just update me once you enter the game. A text message will do.” “I don’t know if I will be able to text you from inside the game.” “Well, at least text me when you reach the venue.” “Sure, Mom,” Mikaila
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Chapter 3: New Friend
  “Su... Sure,” Mikaila’s response to the shy lady who offered to be friends with her.   The shy lady lifted her head. The aura on her face noticeably changed from timid to cheerful.   “Thank you so much!” the shy lady responded with a pleasant smile on her face.   Mikaila nodded,   “My name is Mikaila, by the way! What’s yours?”   “Oh…..I’m …. I’m Celly”   “You have a cute name!”   Celly blushed and she returned to her bashful posture again.   Mikaila curiously asks Celly,   “Are you alone? Is this your first game too?”   “Uhm… Yes, I’m alone, but I’m not new to games,” Celly answered.   “Oh! So you have knowledge about Utopian Fantasy?”   “Kind of… I read a lot about this game and I think I have enough knowledge to be co
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Chapter 4: Cultured Men
The commotion subsided when the spokesperson started speaking, but whispers and utters still can be heard in the area. “Please lend us your ears as we explain the further procedures and as we provide you more in-depth knowledge about the game,” the spokesperson announced. The mumblings in the crowd completely stopped. “Now, let’s start with the wristband. Please tap the wristband to fully activate its functions,” the spokesperson directed. The people followed the instructions. Mikaila did the same. When she tapped the wristband, a green light blinked from the contours three times. Seconds later, the green light completely and fully glowed. “Introducing… this cutting edge technology! A wristband that can record all of your in-game progress! It also has a special User Interface that can show your Player Information - this includes your in-game name, attributes, status, and other necessary options. We call this ‘The Bandtasy’,” the spokesperson proudly announced. “That was cringe,”
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Chapter 5: Welcome to The World of Utopian Fantasy
Mikaila is delighted to see the lady approaching her. “Ariiiii!!” Mikaila gleefully shouted. The lady quickly hugged Mikaila as soon as she reached her. “Wow! You really decided to join!” the lady said to Mikaila. “Well, if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have come up with this decision,” Mikaila replied. “Really? What did I do?” “Ah! Nothing much, really. It’s just… your compliments made me realize what I can do… and that I can work through anything if I need to.” “Yiiieehh! But you said it was too flowery?” the lady happily asked. “Nah! It means a lot to me!” “I just said the truth! I always believe in you, and you should believe in yourself too!” “Thanks, Arii!” Mikaila said with a genuine smile on her face. The lady smiled back. “Oh! By the way! Who else decided to participate?” Mikaila asked with an excited tone. “It’s just me, Jonas, Marco, Lahra, Frenz, Sheena, and……” The lady paused for a moment to think of other names. She continues later on, “I don’t remember who
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Chapter 6: Blinding Light
*Trigger Warning!* Mikaila is shocked to see the man holding the taser. “You… you!!” Mikaila uttered out of anger. “Yes, yes. I’m the clerk from a while ago. Missed me?” “F*ck you!” “You don’t have to be so angry. We just want to have fun!” “No! What’s the meaning of this? Celly!!” Mikaila asked frantically as she called out Celly. “I’m very sorry, Mikaila,” Celly pleaded and she started crying. “But why?” “My… My father is very sick! He needs immediate medication! They promised me that they will give me lots of money if I successfully lured someone into their traps,” Celly explained. “What?” Mikaila’s disgusted reaction. The clerk walked slowly towards the crying Celly. “Allow me to explain further,” the clerk said. He continued, “As you can see, we are a group of sex traffickers. We have big business outside the game. We earn lots of money by selling girls to customers - just a bunch of wealthy old men and politicians - if you’re curious. If we are earning millions outs
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Chapter 7: Arianne
“Portals will open shortly. Please finalize your decisions and proceed at the front of your Selected Portal.” “Ah geez. I need to find her. I’m really sorry if I can’t go with you,” Mikaila apologized. “It’s okay! We can still meet inside the game. We’ll just add you to our Friend List so we can keep in touch,” Arianne said. “Sure!” Mikaila agreed. Arianne and their classmates sent friend requests to Mikaila. “Again, Portals will open shortly. Please finalize your decisions and proceed at the front of your Selected Portal,” an announcement was heard again. “I’ll just accept these later. I need to find my friend first,” Mikaila said. “It’s okay! You can do it anytime,” Sheena replied. “Uhm, Mikaila. We will be going. Good luck out there and if you need help, just contact us and we’ll keep in touch,” Arianne told Mikaila. “Sure, Arii, and thank you! You too, good luck out there!” They smiled and bid their farewells. Arianne and her classmates walked towards the ‘Plains’ Portal
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Chapter 8: Me Ther Nir Artume
The bunnies continued to grow until they reached the size of a fully grown human. Still, the sky continues to darken. Later on, silhouettes of big flying creatures swirled in the sky. Their wings are large enough to cast big shadows on the ground. “Aren’t those nighthawks?” one spectator asked. “Yes, but they are abnormally ginormous,” another commented. One of the giant nighthawks swooped from the air to capture a rabbit. Some of the players are fascinated to see the action. Everything was fine until the other nighthawks also swooped from the sky one by one and started to attack randomly. They also started preying on the humans. “Hey. Is this still normal?” Frenz worried. Suddenly, “Help me!” a man shouted as he struggles to escape the claws of a nighthawk that was pinning him on the ground. The giant hawk, then, pecked the man’s head and ripped it off from its body. Everybody was shocked to see the horrifying scene. “Hey, what’s going on?” a player whispered with a frighte
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Chapter 9: Inverted Triangle
Marco is disappointed to hear what Jonas said. “Chill Bro! Let them be!” he said to Jonas.“What the hell is wrong with you!?” Frenz shouted to Jonas while crying.“Tch!”The aftermath of the Game Event is very depressing. Lifeless and mutilated bodies of players are scattered in the area. The surviving players are crying after the loss of their friends and loved ones. Some are still traumatized and are just gazing blankly. Some can’t comprehend the agonizing event they experienced.Marco opened his UI and opened his Friend List Panel. He checked the User Information of both Sheena and Lahra. He saw that it was already grayed out and the word ‘DECEASED’ already replaced their names at the top of the Information window. Marco curled his fist out of anger and disbelief.Moments later, turmoil started between the players and the Starting Point Guide. Marco walked towards the commotion; the rest followed.“Why did you do this to us?” a player cried.“What did we do to deserve this?”“Don’t
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Chapter 10: The Game Events
After hours of walking, the group found a pond in a distant area. “Uggghhh, my feet are getting hurt,” Frenz moaned. “It’s already getting dark. I think we should get some rest here,” Marco said. “Is it safe here? I don’t know... I mean, after all that happened a while ago… It’s so hard not to be uneasy,” Arianne’s concern. “True!” Frenz affirmed. “Well, we have no choice but to settle first,” Marco said. “Are you okay Ma’am Arianne? If you need something, just tell us,” the wounded bodyguard said to Arianne. “I’m okay! I’m more concerned about you. Are you alright?” “Don’t worry about me, Ma’am! It’s just small scratches and few wounds.” “I just want to thank you for trying to save me a while ago. But… if something happens to me next time, please don’t risk your lives for me.” Arianne politely requested. “But Ma’am, your safety is our top priority. That’s the order given to us by your family,” the other guard insisted. “No! You also need to be safe! And you should look afte
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