The Fighter Number One

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The Fighter Number One

By: Tiramisu capri OngoingSystem

Language: English

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When luck wasn't on his side, he was fired from his job, evicted from his rental house and couldn't find the money for his sister's surgery. It was there that the system came to his aid, and his life changed 100%. With a mission that is not easy Bryan does battles and matches, dozens of times he falls but he still does it for the sake of the agreement, but when his sister is targeted, he seems to want to stop fighting. Will Bryan give up?


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6 chapters
Starting from heartache
In tense silence, Bryan stood before his boss, Smith. The room was full of staring eyes, some full of wonder, others suspicious. Bryan felt the pressure of those stares, making him even more nervous and tense. "Bryan, I don't know where to start... But, sit down first! Bryan complied, sitting down with his heart racing. Although he had done a good job so far, Smith's gaze made him feel uncomfortable, as if something was wrong. "Ok... Bryan, I have a very alarming report. A report about your corruption." "What? Corruption? Boss, I don't understand at all." "Don't pretend. We have strong evidence of suspicious transactions in your account." "No, it's all untrue! I've never done anything illegal or suspicious," Bryan said with a scared look on his face. "We have quite complete data, Bryan. Not just transactions, but also money trails unrelated to your activities," Smith raises his eyebrows skeptically. "Boss, I assure you, I know nothing about this. I've never done anything to
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Get lost in the virtual world
Bryan took a deep breath, eyes full of concentration, as the monster stepped forward, its crossbow poised and ready. Bryan tried to control his fear and understand the monster's attack pattern."Calm down, Bryan. You can do it. Find the monster's weakness!The monster released its arrow quickly, and Bryan swiftly jumped to the side, dodging the attack.Bryan tried to run around the monster. "Try to catch me, monster!"The monster growled and tried to hit Bryan with its claws, but Bryan managed to swiftly derail it."Fast and skillful, Bryan. Stay focused!"Bryan then took an arrow from his bag, took careful aim at the monster, and fired. However, the monster managed to dodge, and Bryan's arrow hit the wall behind it.The monster laughed ferociously, threatening Bryan even more."You're too weak, player! You can't beat me!""Let's see who's weak!"Bryan took aim, this time he didn't dodge anymore he tried to attack by punching repeatedly, but the monster was too fast for him. It manage
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Revenge for the sister
Ding![Due to the System space being destroyed, Monsters and Suddenly enter the real world dimension][Defeat the monsters with power]"What... What the hell!" Bryan grimaced. He felt like bad luck had been following him ever since he agreed to the deal after the accident.Everything changed so quickly. An arrow-shaped weapon suddenly broke through from behind and pierced his brother's body. A look of shock and pain appeared on Luna's previously peaceful face. Her lips that had been smiling were now parted in pain and amazement.Luna's eyes rounded, unable to believe what had just happened. Blood began to ooze from the wound, flowing profusely onto the ground. Her face was pale, looking weak and fragile. She tried to catch her breath, but it was hard to get it out. "What... what happened?"Luna tried to make sense of the situation that had suddenly turned so tragic. Meanwhile, her body felt weaker and weaker, and she felt her consciousness slowly fading away."You crazy monster!" cur
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A silver sword
Bryan felt strength coursing through his every muscle fiber as he stared into the monster's eyes with unwavering determination. Every breath he took seemed to fill his chest with burning energy, and the anger at all the destruction the monster had created made him even stronger. He strode forward with steady steps, ignoring the pain and fatigue that lingered in his body.The monster looked at Bryan with a dismissive gaze, its mind probably filled with the belief that Bryan wouldn't be able to fight him. But Bryan had entered a different state, one where his courage and determination overcame everything. He raised his fist, glaring at the monster with a piercing gaze that implied he was the decider of his own fate.Without words, without hesitation, Bryan launched his umpteenth punch. His fist moved with startling speed, and with a powerful stomp, it struck the monster right in the face. The monster was startled, and a look of shock flashed across its ugly face before its body staggere
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Wake up Luna!
Bryan stood in front of the door to the intensive care room where Luna was. His face was filled with a mixed expression of worry, anxiety, and hope. He stared at the door with eyes full of tension, thinking about the state his sister was in.After opening the door slowly, Bryan walked into the room filled with medical equipment. His eyes immediately focused on the bed in the center of the room, where Luna lay weakly. Although she was better than before, Bryan still felt anxious about his sister's fragile state.He approached Luna's bed with slow steps, his heart pounding. Bryan sat beside the bed, taking Luna's hand gently in his. He felt the warmth of his sister's hand, even though it was still weak, gave him some relief."So long, Luna," Bryan said in a soft voice, his eyes still on his sister's face as she lay there. "It's been a month since you woke up. I miss your smile, your voice, everything about you."Bryan felt the weak vibration of Luna's hand in his, as if she was respondi
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A new challenge
Bryan was standing in front of the sink in the bathroom, washing his face with the cool water. The soft glow of the ceiling lights illuminated the room, creating a tranquil atmosphere after a long day. The sound of the gently flowing water and its warmth radiated relief, as if this place was an oasis of calm amidst the hubbub of the outside world. As Bryan lifted his face and wiped the water from his face with a towel, there was a sudden strange change in the atmosphere.A faint light appeared in front of the mirror above the sink. Bryan squints, confused by this unexpected turn of events. The light grew brighter, forming a holographic image that swirled in the air. Bryan stared in astonishment as a text appeared in front of him: "Player Bryan, a quest has been found."His heart raced, unable to believe what he was seeing. He felt as if the real world and the virtual world were meeting in front of him. Bryan stepped forward, taking in the details of the holographic writing.The writin
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