Black Virus: Dawn Of The Bio-bots

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Black Virus: Dawn Of The Bio-bots

By: Destiny Max OngoingSystem

Language: English

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Power blinds and leads the greedy on to a path of destruction. But there are some who with patience grow and become invincible. ---- 2156, The world has been crippled by the Black Virus, the worst villain earth had ever seen. Blessed with infinite power, the Bio-bots journey across the galaxy, fighting battles and saving the weak. They are hellbent on destroying the Black Virus, and they will destroy absolutely anything in their path in order to accomplish their mission. **** Instagram: author_dmc_max. Discord:

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7 chapters
Black Virus
A man wearing a white lab coat rushed into the room before slamming the door behind him with a resonating boom. "What is wrong with you!" He roared in anger as his blue eyes locked on the robot crouching as he yelled, "Where is the new shipment of alien weapons needed for the Black Virus?" The Robot smiled, "Yelling like a fool will not help you," he rose as a ten feet tall robot towered over the doctor, "Vegas, The weapons needed will be ready when the virus is active doctor." The robot had a rifle strapped to his back and spikes protruding from his back. Dr Vegas scoffed then stormed out of the room as the robot watched him with a nonchalant expression. *** Alien Ship. Space. In the walker ship, aliens gathered at the north wing to plan their next move. "Walkers of the future, we have gathered h
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Earthbot lunges with his hands curled into fist as he put more pressure on his arms causing spikes to protrude from the earth. With great effort he swings his arms at Kelvin causing the spikes which were rising from the earth to fly at Kelvin who in a flash thrust his hands forward as a fire gushes from his palm towards the spikes. "No time area!" Harry yelled, everything slowed down before him, his perception was greatly improved as he fixed his eyes on Earthbot. In a second the time in a fifty mile radius was slowed down drastically, giving Harry the opportunity to rush at Earthbot. Getting close to Earthbot Harry swung his fist at him then with a resonating boom, his fist landed on the robot's face. "It's time to destroy you!" After getting more energy, Harry landed a couple of swift, but hard punches on Earthbot's face before releasing the area's time, the wind howled as a sh
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System Upgrade
Alien ship. Space.  Walkers patrolled around the ship armed with powerful alien weapons and heavy armour from head to toe. A creature sat in the centre of the huge circular hall guarded by mean looking aliens. The creature was about eight feet tall with another pair of hands on both sides of it's abdomen connected to a pair of bat-like wings. It had a round face covered with layers of metal scales containing an eye the size of a human head and a mouth filled with rows of miniature metal teeth and a long tongue. It fixed it's lone huge eye on a snake-like creature which was reporting something in their language. "Te umans ve coved su, wa ve ot op tem." The one eyed creature growled as the snake-like creature shivers then tries his best to speak human language which was for high class aliens.  "Te fund electro, n uman criation!"  It swallowed hard as i
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They Won't Know What Hit Them
[ God System: Upgrading] "Eh?" Sandra cried in surprise. Sert noticed that Sandra was getting distracted, In a flash Sert thrust forward with his mouth wide open.Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep![ Upgrade: unsuccessful][ Conditions: ( Get up to five thousand Exp and unlock system upgrade skill to qualify for this) "Watch Out!" A little girl's voice was heard as Sandra snapped her head back to notice a little girl not more than twelve years old sitting in a black SUV and holding a notebook. "Raaaa!!!" Sert lunges with speed at the unfocused Sandra whom received a blow from behind her causing her to fall down to the floor with great speed. "Sandra!!!" David yelled. Sandra eyes darkened as a deadly and suffocating aura was released from her body. "Roooo...orr" Sandra watches as Sert shrank back then taunts, "What's the matter? Are
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Come on
Sandra swung her chains at Airknight who with unreasonable speed evades the attack, "I can see you're slowing down Airknight." Sandra mocked.Clang!!! Airknight was sent soaring as a huge dent formed on his abdomen due to the impact as the metallic liquid gushed out of the wound. "Pah!"   Airknight spat out the metallic liquid as a notice appeared before his eyes freezing him totally.[ HP: 100 (-50)][ Stamina: 50 (-10)][ Lethal damage done to user.]...[ Escape?] "No!!!" Airknight screamed as his eyes bulged and gusts of wind blew. "Surrender or Die?" Sandra motions for Airknight to hurry up as she held her chains tightly. Airknight fumbles for something in his arm storage compartment as Sandra's pupils shrunk, "Hahaha!!! The Air Stone is still with me!! Hahahaha!!!" Airknight yells as a notification appears before hi
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A little boy sat at a riverbank with his eyes shut and legs crossed. The river was an extraordinary one, It's waters were golden with the sun shining brightly over it.  The little boy exhales then slowly opens his shut eyes, "Home." He inhales the fresh air as a cool breeze blew, He crossed his arms as a warm feeling rose within him. A slender looking woman held the boy by the shoulder, "Kane, you have to build up your energy." The little boy known as Kane faced the woman. Kane was an eleven year old boy, he had gold hair color with deep red pupils, He was about five feet tall and and a strong vibe, Kane looks up to the woman as his eyes glows. "Kane, you have to get more energy in order to perform the jump." She reasononed with a worried look. "But I don't want to do the jump!" Kane argued with a defiant look.Clang! A metallic sound rocked the si
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Kane had his hands on his sword which was unsheathed. A creature walked up to Kane and points at him, "You! Human scum!" It grunts as It reached for a gun strapped to his back. "Me? Scum?" Kane points at himself with one hand on the hilt of the sword. "Yeah, you scum." The creature growled loudly as he aimed. "I am going to kick your butt!" Kane yelled childishly as his robot gloves shone. The creature had another pair of arms which were on it's waist, It had a huge red eye with a bulky body, It's mouth was split from ear to ear making it look like a crawler. "Aren't you going to come at me?" Kane taunts the alien. The alien roared as it fires it's gun at Kane who dodged every bullet. The bullet was red and had a diamond head. "Why is it that most people...Or aliens keep using diamond weapons?" Kane thought out loud as he threw himself at the alien.<
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