Conflict with Mace

Julie paused for a bit as she attempted to withdraw her palm.

It was a bit disappointing since she hadn't felt the warmth of someone in a long time.

I didn't let go of her hand, since skinship with a lovely lady was always appreciated.


Mace couldn't take seeing the two of them still holding hands.

He stood up from his seat since screaming wasn't enough.

He dashed forward without utilizing Aura.

And I took Julie's hand in hers and drew her behind my back.

Then, I walked to the side and trod on Mace's foot.


The kid dropped to the floor as a result of this alone.

"Kyaaaaagh!! Mace!"

Annia shouted and clutched Mace's head, who had slumped.

Mace shoved her away, shook his head and got up.

His nose was bleeding, and his cheekbones were swelled. It was a wound that was worth bruising.


It was humiliating, but there was a way to make it much more irritating. This is something he does often.

"Ab! I'm sorry, Mace. Are you okay? So why did you suddenly run? I was surpri
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