My Primal Bloodline System

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My Primal Bloodline System

By: Dragonslav OngoingSystem

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After suffering from a tragic accident, Theo gets transmigrated into a new world of magic. He must now triumph over other geniuses and rise to the peak. . . . I retain copyright to the book cover

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    good story but it needs to be updated

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60 chapters
Chapter 1
Riding on a bike was a thin frail guy who seemed to be in his early twenties, clad in a pizza delivery uniform spotting a bald head. Theo whistled as he rode the bike. Today, he just received a medic report from his doctor. His ten years 'cancer' strangely vanished into thin smoke. He felt so excited. He couldn't wait to relay this happy news to Annie his girlfriend. As for his parents, they died four years ago. He couldn't help but remember the talisman they left behind few days before their deaths. According to them, it was a lucky charm family heirloom. Theo brought out the talisman from his pocket and stared at it. Up till now, he couldn't figure out what was so special about this talisman. It wasn't made of gold but a type of crude metal. Selling it wouldn't even amount to a sizeable number of bucks. While Theo was inspecting the talisman, he neglected the fact that he was currently on the road. At that moment, a huge truck rammed against his bike.Theo got flung out, cr
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Chapter 2
Theo travelled through the forest by jumping through trees. With his increased stats, he could jump over ten metres.Suddenly, he sighted two hyena type magic beasts, the size of a grown man fighting against each other.On the ground was a dead phyton carcass. From the ripples of their fight, Theo deduced they were merely at the novice rank, just like him.He quietly jumped down the tree and made his way towards the Hyena on the left who was riddled with injuries, seemingly on it's last breath.He sent a powerful kick at it's head, sending the hyena smashing against the bark of a tree.The other Hyena growled upon seeing Theo and fled."Even as magic beasts, hyenas are still cowards" Theo laughed as he walked towards the hyena he kicked."I hope this works" he pursed his lips, sending a fist towards the half dead hyena's head.C R A A C K!The skull broke, causing the hyena to breathe it's last. At that moment, a series of notifications rang in his head.-[You killed a novice rank Yis
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Chapter 3
"Senior Chyx!" the grade three student shrieked, a cold chill running down his back.Chyx seemed to be seventeen years old sporting a suave hairstyle and the official grade three students uniform."You have guts huh? refusing entry for one of my underlings" Chyx smiled warmly.But to the grade three student, it was worst than the devil grinning. He began to regret his actions that instant."Scram" a slap from Chyx sent the grade three student flying ten metres away and crashing roughly on the ground.The Gold quarters was different than the other quarters in the sense that each student had their own apartment, thus giving them their own privacy.Chyx's apartment was a bungalow and the interior boasted of expensive decors.When the duo arrived, Chyx slumped on a sofa, glancing at the hoodied figure with a nonchalant gaze."Out with your mask" Chyx snorted.The hoodied figure did as he was told, revealing a masculine face filled with ugly pockmarks."I did as you told me Senior. I cripp
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Chapter 4
ROOAR! The leopard dire beast swung it's paws at Theo, with the intent to smash him into meatpaste. "Hmph!" Theo snorted, sending his punch towards the incoming paw.BOOM! The leopard dire beast flew smashing into a tree, it's paw already smashed into bloody paste. Aiden dashed towards the half dead beast, smashing open it's skull with a single punch.-[You have leveled up!]-[You have recieved +5 stat points] Theo punched a fist through the chest of the dire beast, bringing out the shiny power core. He swiftly absorbed it.-[You have recieved +40 stat points] Theo moaned in ectasy as he enjoyed the feeling of refreshment his increase in strength brought. After killing five dire beasts, he finally leveled up! Although they were just mere level one dire beasts, the benefits they brought weren't small in any way! Theo excitedly checked his progress.-[HOST ATTRIBUTES]»Name: Theo Dragonslav»Title: None»Class: Warrior»Race: Dragon Mage»Level: Level 2 novice rank»Energy: 70»
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Chapter 5
Theo sucked in air as he stared at the pile of ashes on the ground. He managed to absorb all the level one novice rank power cores as well as some level two ones. Unfortunately, he recieved a notification from the system that he has reached a bottleneck and can no longer absorb power cores unless he levels up. Not willing to give up this big fish, he stowed away the remaining power cores into his stolen Storage watch. Not that Cosmo had a problem with it. He opened his user interface.-[HOST ATTRIBUTES]»Name: Theo Dragonslav»Title: None»Class: Warrior»Race: Dragon Warrior»Level: Level 2 novice rank»Energy: 70»Mana: 70»HP: 100»Strength: 375»Physique: 415»Speed: 167»Agility: 168»Intelligence: 175»Mental Fortitude: 40»Charm: 10»PHYSICAL DMG: 1,125 Theo grinned. A certain kind of confidence began to take root in his heart, he felt like he could take on anything. "Preharps this system is toxic?" he wondered.However, he quickly threw these thoughts into the back of hi
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Chapter 6
Two months later.. Cloudy Peach Academy was bustling today. It was their much anticipated grade one students admission examination. In the whole of Bullsin city, Cloudy Peach academy shared the same status as the City mansion seat. Infact, many top political leaders and warriors were once students of Cloudy Peach academy. The current City Lord wasn't an exception. Although it was regarded as a second rate power, no other second rate power dared to slight Cloudy Peach Academy. Currently in a huge field, the size of a stadium, many seats hovered above the air. Atop these floating seats were the hyped up spectators. Gathered around the huge field was a dense amount of quasi grade one students. Currently, their eyes shone with a certain glint of eagerness. At that that moment, a short chubby looking man descended from the sky, wind attribute energy swirling around his body. "It's the vice principal. Vic principal Bekor!" "Whoa! are all wind mages so amazing? they can fly!""Idiot.
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Chapter 7
At the large stadium, the group of audience watched with fervor as the candidates battled against various dire beasts. Thanks to the huge floating screen, they could all see what the candidates were experiencing. "Look! that Nick has killed his twenty third dire beast!" a man among the audiences cried out. Instantly, everyone's attention fell on a particular section of the huge screen portraying a burly teen as he bashed his meaty palms on a panther dire beast. This young man was Nick and was extremely popular in this examination segment. He wore barbaric fur clothes and was stocky. He was part of those who had brilliant performances. Killing more than twenty dire beasts under one hour. He was a genius alright. "That's nothing. I still strongly believe that the kid named Theo would take the winner spot" another man among the audiences wearing a bamboo hat, laughed merrily. "That is a given alright. But the first runner up isn't quite clear" his companion stroked his beard while
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Chapter 8
Under the constant bombardment of the participants, the huge boulder at the mouth of the cave couldn't take it any longer.Boom! It exploded into bits, causing dust to fly about. When the dust cleared, a glowing vortex could be seen swirling at the mouth of the cave, occupying the whole space. It was like as if the mouth of the cave was the spinning vortex. "A portal" many participants who recongnized what the vortex was, couldn't help but gasp. "It's an inheritance cave alright" smacking his lips, Nick's eyes shone brilliantly. "Everyone. The barrier has been broken. What lies ahed of us are a vast amount of fortunes. From here on out every man should depend on their self" after adressing the crowd, Nick directly leaped towards the portal. Like a drop of water in an ocean, he sank into it, disappearing from sight. Nethercold snorted coldly and followed suite. With the two top dogs gone, the crowd was thrown into a frenzy."Quick! Enter the cave!" "Damnit! Stop blocking me!" "
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Chapter 9
Theo dived to the left, missing an axe that a stone warrior swung at his direction. "Dragon. Can't you do something? I'm about to get beaten to death!" Theo cried. That prideful dragon always boasted of his strength right? Well now's the time for him to be useful. However he was met with disappointment because his words struck empty air. Izreel outright ignored him.BAAM! One of the stone warriors arrived before Theo before he could react, sending him crashing against the wall with a kick.-[-25 HP] 'Shit! so powerful?!" Theo hurriedly popped an health replenishing pill into his mouth. Luckily he was stingy with Cosmos power cores and sold some portion. Using the money, he bought health and mana replinishing pills incase of emergencies like this. "Judging from their attacks, they must be level one primary rank" Theo calmed down and began reasoning straight. His current raw damage output far outstripped a level nine primary rank.Infact he was only a tad bit weaker than someone
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Chapter 10
"Let us in!" "We need to investigate what that heavenly manifestation was" "It could be a bad omen!" At the entrance gate of Cloudy Peach Academy, a massive crowd of journalists and news reporters tried their best to force their way in. As for the Instructors, they did their best to calm the crowd while enduring the endless cam flashes. "What is this madness?!" an enraged voice roared, drenching the nose. "It's the vice principal!" "What a relief!" Vice Principal Bekor furiously marched towards the gate and pointed at the crowd of journalist busy bodies. "You do know your noise is disturbing the peace of my school practical exam right?" "We didn't mean to sir. It's your subordinates who brought this on themselves" from the crowd, a thin male journalist with bushy hair, bravely responded. "Oh? what do you mean?" Vice Principal Bekor did his utmost to calm the rage in his heart as he waited for whatever crap the daring journalist would say."Everybody is aware of the heavenly
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