Villain steal the Heroines

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Villain steal the Heroines

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No one is born with equal rights. Some people are born rich, while others are born poor. Some could not succeed no matter how hard they tried, while others became rulers without even lifting a finger.   But what happens when the universe's strongest villain twists fate by creating an Omnipotent Villain System? And Luke, a man abandoned by the world, an irregular who lost everything because of his unreasonably bad luck, a man made ruthless by the world. An ordinary, broken, and ruthless man who accomplished an impossible feat of killing a protagonist at the cost of his life And a man who fulfils all of the prerequisites and obtains the Omnipotent Villain System Beauty, power, and money. Everything is his to keep. Reincarnated in a world he knew so well,  He will steal every heroine. Ruthless to the man, ruthless to the woman, "Do you think you're a heroine, and I will not kill you? Naive!" "Let me enjoy you in bed first, then kill you in the most brutal way. " "After all, as an avaricious person, how could I not seek the most beneficial way?" The children of destiny, even some heroines who did him and his family harm, will suffer as a result of his wrath. But in a realistic world, is everything as grey as he assumes? Watch as our Luke builds his own harem of beautiful heroines and rules over the world. Watch his growth as he explores the unknown. ~~~~~~~~~ Author's note: ~ No NTR ~ 18+ content ~ Harem exists. ~ Please help a new writer. ~ Criticism is welcome, but please be respectful. ~ Incest ? Idk maybe. Not sure for now.


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96 chapters
Irony of Life
Someone once told me,"The greatest irony of life is that it only truly begins when we have something worth dying for."However, when I heard this, I was constrained by the matrix of society. I couldn't see the truth and had already worked hard my entire life.To be successful, you must amass wealth, power, and beautiful women.But all I got was failure after failure.People claimed that I didn't focus on the right things or that I wasn't diligent enough, but there was only one plausible explanation among all the nonsense."You're just too unlucky, man."Yes!This was the most plausible statement and the only one I believed to be true.I have been such an unlucky person since childhood that if we could quantify my unluckiness, I would have broken my own world record on a daily basis.My parents were scumbags; I was bullied at school and beaten at home on a regular basis, and no matter how hard I tried to study or improve myself, my bad luck would appear like a ghost to slap me in the
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The Villain System
[Confirming Requirements...] [The soul fulfils all requirements.][Integrating with the Soul [5%... 69%... 100%] Loading...][Successfully connected to the soul][Beginning procedures are initiated.][Awakening the Soul...]...As soon as I regained consciousness, I attempted to gaze around me with my nonexistent eyes.But what I actually saw was nothing at all.In the void's emptiness, which was devoid of all substance and light, even the up, down, right, and left directions were impossible for me to find, and since I couldn't even feel my feet, I didn't even sense gravity's pull.No!Actually, it's not just the gravity or my feet; I was unable to feel anything.I was only able to see, think, and somehow clearly recall the instance of my death.The sensation of burns, the sudden explosion, the realisation that my life was ending in an instant, and the profound remorse of not even being able to witness the repercussions of my pitiful retaliation—everything was so clear to me.So wa
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Reborn as a Villain
[Welcome To the world of Arcedia] This was the first thing I noticed after gaining consciousness in this new world. However, before I could even react to the identity of my new world, I experienced a push as everything began to squeeze around me and push me from my back towards my head. Fortunately, after a few minutes of relentless effort, I was finally able to feel the surrounding air and the hands of the person who was holding me up. Though, before I could properly settle the news of my safe birth in my mind, ~Smack! My back ached with a burning sensation. I began crying reflexively, and tears began to run down from my blurry eyes without my control. When I was crying my eyes out nonstop, I heard several individuals laughing and talking about my situation, and even though I knew that they were just happy about my safe and successful birth, I still couldn't help but curse them in my head. After my anguish subsided and no more tears flowed, I tried to open my eyes, but all I
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Chloé Steeline
[Ding! Successfully connected to the World's Destiny Net]Sleeping in my crib, I was startled awake by the sudden notification from the system and cursed it as soon as I woke up."Yun sob! f a ych... Say£stem"My vocal cords were still not developed enough to properly curse, but I was able to voice out some incomprehensible words that were more funny and cute than some angry curses.~Phew!After taking a long breath and regaining my bearings, I realised that cursing wouldn't accomplish much, so I concentrated on the system's notification.Finally, six months were fully completed, and my system was back.I had a lot of questions that I wanted to ask the system, but after giving them some thought, I ultimately pushed everything else aside and questioned what I was most curious about.'System, tell me what took you so long. I mean weren't you an Omnipotent Villain System? Why did you have to go into hibernation for six months to successfully connect to a small world's destiny? Can't you
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After 7 years
Steeline Dukedom.Sari City, Steeline Castle.17th December, 1000.A young boy with golden blonde hair, green eyes, and snowy white skin, who was an exact replica of his mother, was walking down the hallway that connected the training grounds with the housing area of the castle.He was saturated in perspiration and was dressed in a blue vest and black shorts even though it was the winter season, clearly signifying his great exhaustion after a rigorous training session.Exactly!You guessed it correctly,It is me, Luke, heading into my room after finishing my daily workout regimen, which I completed earlier than usual because today is a special day.Today marks the seventh anniversary of my birth in this world known as Arcedia, as well as the start of a new era, a new millennium for this world.It was a very significant day for me, since it was the day I would meet my supposed future fiancée, AKA the first heroine, Selina Greenberg, who would be attending my birthday celebration tonigh
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Changes in Status panel
"Status!" I ordered mentally. Ding! A 3D model of my body, floating next to a crimson-red, translucent, game profile-like screen, appeared in front of me. ──────────────────────── [Name: Luke Steeline] [Age: 7 years] [Race: Human] [Title: Destined Villain (EX), Anomaly (SS), Ruler of Light (S), Ruler of Darkness (S)] [Rank: Sword Apprentice (Middle Stage)] [Physical strength: 8] [Spiritual strength: 15] [Mana: 0] [Luck: 10] [Aura: 8] [Destiny Coins: 119] [Skills: N/A] [Techniques: Steeline Breathing Technique, Steeline Swordsmanship] [System Shop - Now Open] ──────────────────────── Since I first entered this Arcedian world exactly 7 years ago, a lot has changed on my status panel. My age is the first thing that has changed, followed by my rank, which is now Middle Stage Sword Apprentice. There are two types of ranking systems in this world. One is for Aura users who use aura to strengthen their bodies and wield physically lethal weapons. Second, for wizards who perfo
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Birthday Bomb (1)
As I gazed upon the lovely full moon with its immaculate, cold beauty, sparkling with an endless number of stars in the black night sky of Arcedia, I had the impression that I was in a magical world, which I actually was.Even though I have grown quite accustomed to this world, there are still some things that are always able to catch me off guard, and I simply can not help but become engrossed in the mystery that hides behind them.Turning away my attention from the alluring silver moon that was visible through the window on the first floor corridor, I instead focused on the elegantly decorated white marble staircase in front of me.Though it was already dark, the entire Steeline castle was beautifully adorned with flowers, enchanted lights, and other opulent and magical decorations.The area around the Steeline castle gates was filled with luxurious carriages.The hall below was crowded, and although I couldn't see it with my eyes at the moment, I could tell the situation below from
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Birthday Bomb (2)
"Today, on the auspicious day of my son's seventh birthday, I request that everyone bless my son for a happy and prosperous life. Please raise your glasses and take a sip for my son's great future."As if being sentimental about his paternal love for me, my father raised his glass of wine with a proud face and then, under everyone's eyes, emptied the whole glass in one sip."May my son have a life full of good fortune," he wished as he set the glass down.Watching my father's actions, the people below followed suit, and one by one, they raised their glasses and chugged down the whole drink in one sip like my father. Even though I was a little taken aback by their gesture, a feeling of pride and appreciation welled up in my heart.Following that, there was a major increase in the volume of the crowd's hollering."Happy birthday, Luke!""Happy birthday, young master Luke!""Long live, Luke!"........Naturally, our own relatives as well as the vassal families who served under our duked
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Birthday Bomb (3)
"You all may already be aware that Luke is an early-stage sword apprentice. And I know it is quite surprising, as children are typically not permitted to train until they reach the age of seven."As my father took a pause in the middle, I flared up my aura for all the bigwits standing below to sense my rank.My aura suppressing ring was well hidden below my white gloves, so it wasn't a problem that someone would notice it and make weird assumptions.Woah!As soon as my aura spread, there was another commotion down below, but this time I could see that it was only from the side of our family members and some vasal families.The other guests, no matter how small or high their ranking, only had a superficial smile on their faces, and I could sense their scrutinising gaze and jealousy filled eyes.Although they smiled on the outside, I am sure they were cursing me to die inside because who would want the children of others, especially their competitors, to be geniuses?no one, at least no
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Birthday Bomb (4)
Silence! A chill inducing, pin drop silence shrouded the hall. Crack! which was only broken by the splintering sounds of the silver sphere that could not withstand the force of my title for more than a few seconds. Crumble! turning into dust with a clattering sound like sand falling. Looking around the hall, I saw everyone dumbfounded, as if they couldn't believe their eyes. Taking this moment of silence as an opportunity, my father, who wasn't shocked as he knew the result years ago, announced the end of the title ceremony. "Today, I'd like to tell everyone that my son, Luke,'s title has been successfully awakened, which is an S rank, Ruler of Light." "This....!" His words made everyone come back to their senses, making them realise that everything happening in front of them was real. Impossible! Unbelievable! Nonsense! They all came to their senses after hearing my father's words, and as they did, some of the people who were sitting among them couldn't help but instinc
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