Mom and Son (4)

Chloe went into a daze as an image of me with our children flashed through her mind. I didn't let her think more as I swished our position. I switched to doggy style as I started to ram her from behind. Mom didn't do anything becLuke she was tired. As I was banging her, I noticed her cute ass hole.


Chloe was unable to move her body at all, and all she could do was moan. My hips slapped against her meaty ass as the sound of meat hitting meat was heard, and her head, which was resting on a pillow, moved in time with the rhythm of my thrust. Her head was moving in time with the rhythm of my thrust. I immediately inserted my fingers into her ass hole after taking her love juices and applying them to her ass hole in the appropriate manner.


Chloe clenched her teeth in determination. She wanted to tell me that it was dirty becLuke she hadn't cleaned it yet, but she couldn't say anything to me about it becLuke she was in such a weak condition. In point of fact, she
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