The Unbeatable  Ace and His AI System

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The Unbeatable Ace and His AI System

By: Soila Phi OngoingSystem

Language: English

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Ace was trapped in the cruel fate of being poor and oppresed student. He endured a barrage of insult and criticisms, facing constant verbal assault from all angles. To make matters worse, he was dealt a heart-rending blow as his lover betrayed him right before his very eyes. Until one day, his life changed substantially, [Ding!] [Host Found, VIP System activated] [Make you a VIP Person in the world, destroy your enemies, and also get the woman you want to further establish DAI TECHNOLOGY as the best technology to change the world as you want.] [Brooklyn Central Bank] The account balance with account number XXX18 is USD 20,000,000,000,000.00. This point made Ace's early life turn pinnacle of the hierarchy.

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Chapter 1. System Activated
"Hey, you brainless Ace!" Bob, the manager, barked as Ace heaved a heavy sack of goods into the warehouse. "I received a report that you've been slacking off on the job, you worthless piece of garbage!"Ace stopped and turned to face Bob, incredulous. "What?! That's not true! I've been working non-stop all day!""That's what I heard," Bob replied tersely, crossing his arms. "I'm afraid there won't be a salary for you today."Ace had the misfortune of being both unlucky and poorly educated, leaving him no choice but to work as a porter. Despite this, he worked diligently to find a better job in the city. Unfortunately, his manager was always accusing him of something, which often resulted in him not receiving a salary. “I've done my best, boss,” Ace said, trying to emphasize his point. “Where did you get that conclusion?”Bob, who was only as tall as Ace's chin, sternly exclaimed, "You better stop talking and get out of my sight, or you won't have to work in this place anymore! Don't
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Chapter 2. ER
Ten long minutes passed before the ambulance finally arrived, its blaring sirens and flashing lights piercing the air. Ace's body continued to writhe in agony as he was carefully lifted onto the stretcher and loaded into the vehicle. Two paramedics stepped out of the ambulance carrying a file of documents. However, from the outset, they were suspicious because they were picking up a patient in such a narrow alley. The VIP patients they usually picked up were in luxurious and well-known places, but not this time. A man who appeared to be of Italian descent was still confused about everything around him. "Is this the place?" one of the paramedics asked. "I thought we were picking up someone at a big house or an office!" he added. "Exactly. I think there's something strange about the pick-up location. Let me check the documents we brought again!" his colleague replied. They looked confused as they saw a ragged young man lying in the middle of the road. His dirty clothes made him groa
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Chapter 3. Aileens's Move
Ace's physical condition suddenly took a turn for the worse as he began to experience tightness in his chest, struggled to breathe, and coughed up a significant amount of blood. The paramedics, who were already present on the scene, had just finished measuring Ace's blood pressure when they immediately recognized the severity of the situation. Without wasting any time, they quickly reached out to Dr. Aileen, the attending physician on duty, for assistance.Upon receiving the call, Dr. Aileen sprang into action, providing clear and concise instructions to the paramedics on how to stabilize Ace's condition. Despite the chaotic scene around him, Ace could hear the sound of Dr. Aileen's voice in the background."Stay with me. Keep your focus on me." Her tone was urgent and commanding. She knew that maintaining eye contact could help ground Ace and keep him focused on the present moment, which was crucial given his critical condition.Ace felt relieved and assisted with the presence of Dr.
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Chapter 4. Caspian Eyes
Aileen looked at Ace, knowing she had already gotten the job from him made her confident. Maybe it was time for Aileen to break free from the shadow of her arrogant superior. "Please do. Just fire me!" Aileen challenged fearlessly.Brian's face turned red upon hearing Aileen's boldness. Ace couldn't help but smirk, as he had taught Brian a lesson."Your account number?" Ace asked again without much ado, facing Brian who was still glaring at Aileen.Aileen glanced at Brian and Ace alternately, then took the phone that was handed to her. Aileen entered some numbers and handed the phone back to Ace."Don't forget to multiply the salary you want by 3 months. You will undergo training for three months and then I will evaluate you," Ace said."Alright, Mr. Ace," Aileen replied, feeling challenged by Ace's statement.Ace just smiled as Aileen asked for the actual value, the standard rate for a doctor. Little did Aileen know that Ace knew she needed a lot of 0? completed, Aileen was surprised
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Chapter 5. Luxury House
"You can admire me later. For now, let's focus on our mission. Can you do it?" Ace asked, releasing Casey's hand from his chin.Casey then stood up and walked back and forth in front of Ace. Ace knew Casey was thinking right now. Of course, he was prepared to wait until this petite woman stopped and spoke. "But to do what you ask, we need a room and also experts. Are you up to it?" Casey asked hesitantly.As expected by Ace, Casey would definitely take up this challenge from him. "Of course. Pick any place and I'll provide the funding. And to make it clear that I have money, I want you to fix yourself from top to bottom. Being beautiful is the first order you must obey!" commanded Ace with a serious attitude. It's no wonder because he's like that on campus too.A notification appeared on Casey's phone.[Brooklyn Central Bank] The account balance with account number XXX46 is USD 1,000,000.00"Really? You mean it?" Casey asked incredulously at what she was seeing now. Her balance swelle
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Chapter 6. The Offer
Megan, who saw Ace's attitude all this time, could only guess what happened to the poor man she had thrown away.The property marketing person who had been listening to the conversation of the two potential buyers was quite confused and then answered, "Yes, sir, the Luxury type. It's more spacious because there's office space on the rooftop and wine storage underground!" he answered in typical sales style."More expensive, of course, than this one?" asked Ace again.Bruce raised his hand and was about to hit Ace, but... "Ughh...," Ace blocked Bruce's attack and said, "Don't you realize you're being recorded? You could be ruined if I reveal your behavior to your business colleagues. So stop the act!" Ace growled, throwing Bruce's hand away."You... just wait, you bastard! You'll get what's coming to you!" Bruce yelled aggressively."We can continue this in the real game, Bruce!" Ace threatened without fear.Ace then smiled a little and called Andrew to continue the payment for the hous
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Chapter 7. Suicide?
Ace looked up and stared sharply at Casey. It was an intimidating look, but Casey was used to it. She continued speaking carefully. "The latest diagnosis showed that Lupus is making it difficult for your mother's lungs." Ace still stared at Casey sharply, "How much percent?" "30%, our tools can't detect it until the total algorithm is distributed," Casey explained again. Ace frowned and stood up, taking the empty plate to the sink. He was hiding the pain that was hurting his heart so much. "That's why I need that hospital so that I can get a chance. We have to investigate this disease further. Early detection, so that I can prevent it earlier too!" Casey took a slow breath, not wanting to discourage Ace's desire. She heard the pain in every sound Ace made. Casey understood how much Ace loved his mother, and knew that this disease that continued to gnaw at her would definitely make the heart of any child cut. "I support you. Whatever the result, I support this research until it's
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Chapter 8. Hostage
"Perhaps you have missed or been too focused that you didn't understand our explanation for the third time. But I would be happy to repeat it. DAI Technology wants full rights to operate the hospital for one purpose, to conduct further research on all early disease detection devices. Making a system without knowing the basis of the problem is certain to not find its way. Any other questions?" Casey explained elegantly and arrogantly.Ace and his team knew that Bruce was restraining himself in this meeting room. It felt too crazy if he showed his hatred in a forum that was led by his own father.Bruce tried to calm his anger with Dai's team's intentionally provocative statement that cornered him. But he knew very well that it was not possible to cause a scene at the moment, even though he really wanted to do it. "I have no other questions," Bruce replied with his sharp gaze still fixed on Ace."Thank you, Mr. Bruce," Casey replied, closing the Q&A session beautifully.After the meeting
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Chapter 9. Jeoulous
Bruce fell silent, then stood up and left the room with even greater determination to destroy Ace Dai. Everyone looked at Bruce and then turned to Ace. Aileen, who had been a little pale, breathed a sigh of relief because the tension was over. Casey immediately approached Ace and looked closely at the handsome man. Casey held Ace's hand to give him indirect strength. It was no wonder Ace was shocked earlier. However, he quickly regained control of the situation. "I didn't think Bruce would use Miana as a weapon. I think we need to be prepared with maximum security for my family, Casey!" Ace instructed Casey and Aileen. "I have confirmed that Miss Miana is safe at your house, sir!" Aileen said, taking the initiative to check on Mianna's situation. "Ya... I know it's all just a small bluff out of desperation. That's why I've prepared the same thing," Ace said. Of course, he was referring to the edited photo of Bruce's father with a woman. Bruce even believed it without question. "B
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