“AHHH!” The siblings cried out in horror, mostly because of the pure shock value. Their eyes sprang out of the sockets. They totally didn’t expect that the eagle would do such a thing.

Edgar was about to use his skill, but Fabby quickly said, “No, wait.”

“Huh? Wait for what?” Edgar asked her back as winds viciously whipped at their faces.

“Just wait,” she replied.

As both of them kept getting closer to the ground, Edgar’s heart raced fast. “Screw this. I’m-” he was saying, but then the eagle suddenly came swooping down and caught both of them when they were about 100ft close to the ground and took them away with him.

Edgar and Fabby held onto its talons so they wouldn’t fall.

The eagle stopped by another mountain top and acted as if everything was okay.

“You think I’ll thank you for saving our asses, you shitty bird!” Fabby punched the eagle hard in the face. “I thought I was going to die! You were the cause for scaring me near to death.”

Even Edgar looked angry. His heart jumped in
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