MEMORA, academy of magic

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MEMORA, academy of magic

By: Jeremiah OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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The novel is set in a realm where the manipulation of elemental magic is a prevalent practice among a select few, known as mages. These individuals, who possess the potential to harness the forces of earth, fire, water, and air, embark on a journey to the prestigious institution of Memora, where they undergo rigorous training to master their abilities and fortify themselves for the ultimate battle against the malevolent manifestation of magic, the ominous presence of dark magic.

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As the majestic silhouette of the man toiled up the steep, pristine face of the glacier, he appeared to be a mere speck of an ant, laboriously scaling the surface of a colossal dinner plate. The minuscule shantytown of Eldrida was a distant cluster of dots far beneath him, as the winds intensified with his elevation, whipping gusts of snowflakes into his face and freezing the damp strands of his raven hair. Despite the protection of his amber goggles, he squinted against the intense radiance of the setting sun's reflection. Nevertheless, the man was not intimidated by the prospect of a fall, even as he climbed without the aid of ropes or belay lines, relying solely on his crampons and a single ice axe. His name was Landon Black, and he was a mage, with the power to shape and manipulate the frozen matter of the glacier at will, manifesting handholds and footholds as he methodically progressed upward.As he trudged through the harsh, unforgiving terrain of the glacier, his body was wrac
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Finnick Black's notoriety.
Finnick Black was a notorious figure in his small Old North State community, renowned for his acerbic wit and penchant for vexing authority figures. His repute as a troublemaker was further solidified by his penchant for openly mocking substitute teachers, while his persistent annoyance of school administrators, hall monitors, and cafeteria staff only served to cement his infamy. Despite the efforts of guidance counselors to assist him - prompted by his tragic background as an orphaned child - his caustic demeanor and sharp tongue left them wishing for his absence. He was easily recognizable by his perpetual scowl, unkempt brown hair, and piercing gray eyes. A devotee of skateboarding, although his proficiency in the activity had been hard-won, as evidenced by the dents he had inflicted upon several cars during his initial attempts. He was often observed loitering outside the premises of comic book stores, arcades, and video game stores. Even the Mayor had personal knowledge of him, h
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Potential for magic unveiled
The girl possessed a defining trait of aloofness, which was accentuated by her radiant, flaxen tresses and whimsical unicorn backpack. As they traversed the corridors together, her gaze would evade him, as if he were intangible. With a peculiar and unexpected gesture, she made her way towards the Toyota, where her parents sat anxiously in the front seats.Could it be that she was headed towards the same destination as him? The Arcanum? If so, someone needed to caution her.Many individuals, particularly those from families with a history of magic, misguidedly believe that the Arcanum is a test of exceptionalism. However, as Fin's father had stated, "It's the children with no magical relatives you should pity most. They're the ones who think it's going to be like it is in the movies. It's nothing like the movies."At that precise instant, Fin's father abruptly arrived at the school's curbside, abruptly interrupting his son's line of sight with Sophia, as he brought the vehicle to a scr
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Late for hanger chaos
"The ancient art of magic is passed down through bloodlines, my son," Fin's father spoke gravely. "Though not all members of a family possess it, it appears that you have been blessed, or cursed, with the gift. I apologize for this burden that has been placed upon you.""The fissure in the earth, you're saying that I caused it?" Fin struggled to contain his excitement and fear. "Is that what mages are capable of?""Mages harness the elemental forces of nature - earth, air, water, fire and even the void, which is the source of the most potent and dangerous magic. They can use magic for many purposes, including manipulating the earth as you have just demonstrated. However, at the onset of magical abilities, the power is raw and unbridled. It takes discipline and study to harness and control such power. Young mages often lack control and must learn to balance their abilities. Fin, you must resist the urge to use your magic and never reveal it to anyone. If you do, the powerful and secret
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Magic Trial preparation begins
The mages stood before Fin, exuding an aura of power and authority. Though he had imagined them to be more eccentric in appearance, they were simply dressed in black tunics and pants, adorned with leather-and-metal cuffs on their wrists. Though their attire did not betray any extraordinary characteristics, Fin couldn't help but feel a sense of disappointment. The tallest among them, a man with a hawkish nose and silver-streaked brown hair, stepped forward and addressed the assembled families in the bleachers with a commanding presence."Greetings esteemed aspirants and esteemed families of said aspirants, to the paramount occasion of your progeny's existence."Fin pondered the gravity of the situation as he whispered, "Are all of the applicants aware of the true purpose of their presence here? To secure a coveted spot in the prestigious institution of magical education?" His father shook his head, his voice tinged with cynicism as he replied, "The parents are blinded by their own desi
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The Paper and Pen test
"Greetings, students," Master Orion proclaimed from the podium, her youthful appearance belying her authority as a seasoned educator. Her distinctive coiffure, sporting a pink streak amidst black tresses, elicited whispered admiration among the pupils. "Until the initiation of the examination, I implore you to maintain the sanctity of your books and desist from any perusal."Fin, embarrassed by his premature breach of protocol, promptly complied and cast a surreptitious glance around the classroom, realizing he was the sole offender. He resolved to keep his unconventional ways in check and avoid attracting undue attention."Let me commence by extending a warm welcome to the Arcanum and the inaugural examination," Master Orion continued, composing herself with a discreet cough. "With your guardians absent, I shall impart a more comprehensive insight into the proceedings of the day. While some of you may have received invitations to apply for specialties such as music, astronomy, mathem
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The Gym Test Hall
The pen erupted with a profusion of azure pigment, cascading from its nadir in an uncontrolled deluge. Desperately, he attempted to stanch the flow, applying pressure with his digit to the apparent source of the leak. Yet, this proved futile as the ink was propelled with greater intensity, splattering indiscriminately and indiscriminately, and smearing against the posterior of the chair situated before him. The blonde youth, perceiving the impending assault of the inky tempest, took evasive action and swiftly ducked, evading the trajectory of the mess. To the onlookers' amazement, a quantity of ink surpassing the pen's apparent capacity was discharged in all directions, eliciting disapproving glares from the surrounding onlookers.Fin's pen clattered to the ground, abruptly halting its inky emission. The resulting mess was substantial - his hands and workspace, exam booklet, and hair were stained with the blue pigment. Despite his efforts to remove the ink from his digits, he only man
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Finnick's climb and Aftermath
Frost, incensed by the derision directed towards him as he took the task at hand seriously, lunged toward the suspended rope ladder with fervor. However, as he progressed up the rungs, the ladder appeared to elongate, rendering his ascent increasingly arduous. Eventually, the challenge proved too much, causing him to topple to the ground, engulfed by the coils of rope and wooden steps.Finick viewed the situation with amusement."Very well done," praised Master Eldritch. "Who wishes to make an attempt next?""Allow me to try once more," Frost requested, a hint of resentment creeping into his voice. "I am now cognizant of the approach required.""There are many aspirants waiting eagerly for their turn," Master Eldritch noted, exhibiting a noticeable enjoyment."It's unjust. Once someone succeeds, all will know the solution, and I am being penalized for going first.""It seemed to me that you were eager to go first," Master Eldritch retorted. "However, if there is available time after e
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The Levitation Test
The indomitable Master Eldritch strode forth with ire, leading the cohort down the corridor with purpose, away from the examination chamber. The pace of the procession was rapid, rendering it impossible for Finnick to keep pace. His injured limb throbbed with pain, and the scent of burning tires emanating from him was overpowering. He hobbled in their wake, ruminating if there was ever a failure of similar magnitude in the annals of Memora. He dared to dream that they may grant him a premature discharge, both for his own well-being and that of his peers."Are you faring well?" Lance queried, slowing his stride to fall in step with Finnick. His countenance was affable and benevolent, as if their fellow group members' avoidance of Finnick was a trifle."I'm perfectly fine," Finnick replied through gritted teeth."I am at a loss to explain your feat," Lance marvelled. "The expression on Master Eldritch's visage was akin to..." He attempted to imitate the visage, furrowing his brow, dilat
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Test with Flames
The contenders congregated in the foyer, arrayed before a formidable portal, awaiting their summoning. Frost conversed with Lance, directing his gaze towards Finnick, who appeared to be the focus of their discourse. Finnick heaved a dejected sigh, recognizing that this final examination would likely have minimal impact on his abysmal academic record. Regardless of the outcome, he would soon depart with his father, completing this trial.A mysterious mage, adorned with an intricate serpentine necklace, approached without introduction. Perusing a folio, she declared, "Finnick Black, Master Zoltar is eagerly anticipating your presence within."Fin pushed away from the wall and trailed the mage through the double doors into a vast, dim chamber. The floor was made of wood, and upon it sat a solitary magician next to a substantial wooden basin filled with water and a flickering flame that burned without any visible source. Fin froze, feeling a sudden unease at the nape of his neck as he rea
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