My Human  Butler

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My Human Butler

By: NegativeFlash OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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A human transfers to the demon world and becomes the butler to the first demon king and then later on after the dawn of the first demon king, a demon girl places the contract with the human butler to take over the world. And the secret is she was also once a human in her past life but then she reincarnated into this demon world. In this world, the human has unlimited power to take over the world by himself but he is bound to the contract and can't able to do anything without a master and now after having a master how things would go for him and her...

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The Dream and The Summon-1
In the dark forest, there is an abandoned castle that belongs to a past great Demon lord who ruled the entire world for some centuries. And after his death, his followers left that place and now the entire dark forest and the castle are apart from civilization. People are still in the world and a new Demon lord is now ruling the entire world without any problem. But still, some of the people believed that the past Demon lord would reincarnate again and once again rule them. A small girl wears a normal dress but holds the golden compass in her hand and walks into the dark forest. Even though she is in fear her legs don't stop for a second and walk continuously. While walking she can hear some voices and screams of animals but even though her legs just walk straight to the path which the compass points. Finally, she got to the middle of the dark forest. “Where am I exactly? I can't see clearly in the forest and also I can't make sure this compass gets me to the castle. I don't wha
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Give A Nice Name
After the steps appeared, Hanaka slowly went down by steps to get the treasure. After getting down, she noticed the whole place was being so dark. Even with her demon eyesight, she isn't able to see anything. At that moment she hears some faint sound at some distance. By listening to the noise, Hanaka started to keep her steps toward it and after a few more steps all of the sudden the place started to glow in a dark red light. She was really happy to see it clear and looked around the place and was shocked. After she got down, there was only a straight path and around there was just an open space without any path. If she tried to walk in that dark, sure Hanaka would fall deep down and would lose her life. She was really in fear of the place and how dangerous it is but at the same time, she was really happy about escaping from death and also now found the path to get the treasure. Then without having a calm mind, Hanaka started to run towards the way and shouted, “Treasure… Treasure
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Welcome to the Chrono Clan-1
“Huh… Xenos now what… where can we find the treasure?” Hanaka was concerned about her goal right now. Even though she managed to release it, she still doesn't know how the world works. And now Xenos is always going to be on her side. And the very reason he wanted to help Hanaka is that he saw everything about Hanaka and her life till now. After knowing it, he didn't have the heart to let go of her easily, he wants to help her so much and also the other reason is… By cuddling her tightly, Xenos says to her, “You are looking so beautiful. Can you promise me that when you become a fine woman, can you take me as your faithful husband?” When he said it, Hanaka started to get nervous and said, “Don't tease me more, Xenos” while blushing. Even though she doesn't know the real meaning of it, still she knows somewhat about the word husband. And then Xenos gets close to her and says to her, “You look so beautiful when you smile and blush. So don't be sad hereafter, ok!” When he said it, H
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Reincarnation and Summoning
Huh…! The sun is really so hot today, that I can't even place my steps straight. But I have to reach my office before the time it passes the 10 already. Huh… This life really sucks, I really want a life where I can be at home all day and do some little chores like the butler in yesterday's anime. He is really talented and works great just like me… Or I can say I want to become a butler to a powerful master. While he was just thinking about that in his mind, a magical circle formed around him for a second, and the time was frozen. No people or transport were moving, even he wasn't able to move from that place. But he can able to sense the surroundings and then suddenly a rabbit with glasses came in front of him and started to ask questions but he can’t able to answer because he was too locked by the time freeze spell. Then later the rabbit realized and released him alone from the spell and started to question him. “What is your name? Hmm… I think that’s not needed”. While the ra
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Welcome Guest
While Xenos and Hanaka were getting towards Rygen’s room, he just talking with some town elders about the festival and people’s condition. While overhearing their conversation, Hanaka tells Xenos, “My father looks like has some important work. I think it would be nice that we won't disturb him right now”. Even Though she said it, Hanaka really feels so sad about it and looks sad. After seeing it, Xenos tells her, “Don't worry, I think he would not say anything to you even though interrupting his meeting. It’s a gift right, so there is nothing to worry let’s just get inside and give it to him”. And then Xenos knocked on the door once and Rygen replied, “Yes come in…” And he steps inside with Hanaka, while they both get inside the room, the people being inside were just feeling some uneasy feeling from Xenos and also Rygen got a bad feeling just by looking at him. ‘I feel fear just by looking at his cold eyes. I really have to be careful right now and find out who he really is? What
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