Healing God's Heir: Abandoned Son-in-law

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Healing God's Heir: Abandoned Son-in-law

By: Abysalyounglord Updated just nowFantasy

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"Congratulations, my Heir," a mysterious figure declared, "you have proven your worth, and you're now the Heir to the God of Healing and Medicine, Elandor!" Suddenly, I found myself in excruciating pain, hanging on the edge of a hill. The figure's words barely registered, and I felt like I was forgetting something crucial. Before I could make sense of it all, I blinked, and the pain was gone. My wounds had vanished, replaced by a newfound strength. There, around my neck, hung a gemstone amulet. I gasped as the amulet shone, flooding my mind with knowledge. "In the realm of healing, I'm the ultimate arbiter of life and death. As Elandor's heir, I command over ailments and the frailty of life. I am the embodiment of healing's power and authority." As memories flooded back, I realized why I was here. Darius Blackthorn, that treacherous scoundrel, had thrown me down this hill. "I won't let you get away with this. I'll have my revenge for all the pain you caused me. I'll show those Rossi family snobs who mocked me for being poor and treated me like a live-in servant. You'll regret ever looking down on me. I'm a god's heir, and you will pay for every bit of suffering you put me through." Fueled by rage, I stood there, determined to make them all pay.

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  • Cici Aremanita


    Cool Bro, let's also visit the Reincarnation of the Warrior, Thanks.

    2024-02-21 22:48:04
  • Abysalyounglord


    Dear Readers, Thank you to those who've shared in this journey. Your time and attention are genuinely appreciated. If you haven't yet delved into this work, I encourage you to join in. I've poured my heart into these pages, and I believe you'll find an engaging and heartfelt experience waiting for

    2024-01-09 13:11:02
  • Linda Light


    I got to read this story for three days and it's worth the time. Though, I felt some paragraphs needed to be rephrased but aside that... I commend this book. I expected no less from the author.

    2023-12-26 20:45:31
  • David Roland


    nice story

    2024-02-01 07:01:20
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95 chapters
1. Poor Slave-in-Law
............Astraia Memorial Hospital,In the ICU ward,"Step... Step...!"A man of average height, with a lean and wiry build, anxiously paces back and forth in the hallway."Click...!"Then the ICU door swings open, and a weary-looking doctor emerges."Doctor... Doctor, please tell me my sister is okay!" The man asks, his face filled with worry and anxiety."I'm sorry, Mr. Veridian, but we can't treat her normally anymore. We need to do a heart transplant as soon as possible. Otherwise, she'll get critically ill," the doctor says, removing his mask and speaking with a serious tone.Aarav Veridian felt his heart grow heavy upon hearing the doctor's words, and his worry deepened. The weight of the situation settled on his shoulders, each word from the doctor echoing with the imminent threat to his sister's life. The sterile hospital hallway became suffocating as Aarav grappled with the harsh reality that a heart transplant was now the only lifeline for his beloved sister."How muc
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2. Force Into Humiliating Situation
............Aarav noticed the disgusted look from the receptionist, a sharp contrast to the well-dressed customers around him, and didn't have the energy to argue with her. He had more important matters to attend to."I'm a friend of hers. Can you please tell me where she might be?" Aarav replied, a hint of anger in his voice as he asked again, feeling the eyes of others judging him for his disheveled state and worn-out appearance.The receptionist scoffed, glancing at him disdainfully. "You must be mistaken. Ms. DeVere doesn't have friends like you. She wouldn't associate with someone looking like...a poor pleb."Aarav felt the weight of humiliation, not only from the receptionist's words but also from the contemptuous glances of those around him in the upscale store.A well-dressed man nearby muttered to his companion, "Look at this trash. Probably wandered in here by mistake. This kind of plebians should stick to their own kind."A woman, clearly part of the wealthy crowd, wrinkl
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3. Darius Blackthorn's Cruelty
............"Oh, okay," Aarav replied, feeling stunned for a moment before reluctantly agreeing. He had no choice but to comply, even if he was unwilling to witness the humiliating scene."Hehehe, baby! Look, your ex is going to film you having fun with this young master. Aren't you excited?" Darius Blackthorn turned to Isla DeVere, blatantly flirting with her while completely ignoring Aarav's existence.Aarav's heart sank, the weight of humiliation pressing down on him. Forced into a situation he never imagined, he struggled to maintain composure, his dignity slipping away piece by piece.Isla rolled her eyes, amused by the attention from Darius. "Whatever, just get this over with. Make it quick, Aarav, and leave."As the camera started rolling, Aarav felt a deep sense of shame, playing a part in a scene that tarnished not only his pride but the fragments of his past relationship with Isla. The world around him blurred as he went through the motions, each second adding to the ang
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4. God's Heir, Tetralogy of Fallot
............"Huh, Ahhhh...whaAhhh...!" Aarav Veridian, who was falling from a cliff, suddenly woke up, feeling the rush of wind on his face. He realized he was plummeting and screamed in fear."Somebody...yyyy...hhhhelp...meeeee...!" He cried out, desperate as the ground approached slowly."Ahhhhh....!" Just as he was about to hit the ground, he closed his eyes, but he didn't feel the impact."Huh...!" He opened his eyes and found himself in an endless, white expanse. He sat there, feeling confused and bewildered."Siiiing...!" Suddenly, a bright light appeared in front of him, and he saw a human-like figure, although the light made it hard to see their features.He felt a stinging sensation and then lost consciousness. When he woke up, the figure was still there.Then he heard the words from the white figure."Congratulations, my Heir," the mysterious figure declared, "you have proven your worth, and now you are the chosen Heir of Elandor, the God of Healing and Medicine!"In the n
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5. Their Modest Empty Home
............I followed the instructions, drawing energy from within my body. I could feel it flowing like blood in my veins, gathering around my heart.The energy radiated from my fingers and traveled through my sister's forehead, directly to her heart."Mmmnn, Brother, I feel warm, the pain is gone. What did you do, brother?" After a little while, my sister left my embrace, looking at me with happiness and excitement."I'm glad you feel better. From now on, you won't feel pain, and I promise you'll be completely cured in a few days!" I smiled at her, though inside, I felt upset as the holographic screen showed a similar condition as before with only minor changes.[She has eased her breathing, reduced her pain, and stabilized her condition. This would offer a temporary respite while she awaits a heart transplant.[Note: You need to awaken your divine powers if you want to fully cure your sister.]'So, my divine powers still need to be awakened, but how can I do that?' I pondered, g
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6. Run Down Wellness Center
............After she fell ill and he married into the Messi family, this house stood empty.Aarav, juggling work at a clinic and duties as a live-in son-in-law, had no time for visits or upkeep.The door creaked as they entered, a dusty silence enveloping them."Creak...!""Cough...Cough...!" Brother and sister, choked by dust, confronted the neglected space."Why's it so messy, brother? Look how dirty it's become!" Aria scolded, unaware of the burden on Aarav's shoulders."Haha! I didn't have time. Just wait, I'll take care of it." Aarav laughed awkwardly, concealing the weight of his dual life.Setting Aria down, he closed the door, and entered the house."Broth-brother...you...!" Aria stood there, helpless, hearing the noise, realizing her brother was likely cleaning."Done, now you can come inside. Also, welcome home, sister!" Aarav opened the door, beckoning her in, his greeting masking the struggles he bore. Aria moved, teared up and embraced him."Okay...okay, let's go in!"
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7. Allen Vasudeva
............The old man, oblivious to the underlying tension, nodded appreciatively, "You're doing a great job, young man."Aarav forced a smile, but deep down, the weight of humiliation and desperation lingered in his eyes.He shook his head and concentrated on the matter at hand, as he followed the sensations and instructions in his mind, just as he had done with his sister.A hologram screen appeared in front of him, and the amulet glowed, similar to what had happened with his sister like last time.[Name: Allen Vasudeva[Age: 66 (Human)[Title: Previous Head of Vasu Family[Health: Suffering From Acute Liver Failure (ALF), Immediate need of treatment. [Condition: ALF stands for Acute Liver Failure, which means the liver is rapidly losing its ability to function properly. This can be caused by things like hepatitis, reactions to medication, or exposure to toxins. Symptoms like yellowing of the skin (jaundice), confusion, abdominal pain, and a tendency to bleed can occur once the
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8. Maya Vasudeva
............"Vital Alignment Preparation" This technique involves a series of gentle massage-like moves performed on specific points of the body, aimed at aligning and energizing vital organs, especially focusing on liver support.Aarav employs rhythmic and soothing motions to stimulate key acupressure points, enhancing blood circulation and promoting a balanced flow of energy."How are you feeling?" Aarav asked after applying the technique to the old man's body."I feel like my body is light as a feather, and I'm very relaxed at the moment!" The old man exclaimed, noticing the sudden relief from the previous pain."Good, now I only need to administer the herbs concoction to you, but they aren't here yet," Aarav said and asked the old man."Oh, it's been quite some time. Don't worry; they will arrive soon. Speak of the devil, looks like they're here!" The old man nodded, checking the time. Before he could finish, he heard a car screech and looked outside."Grandpa, what are you doin
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9. Shutting Their Mouths
............"Oh, I feel a warm sensation in my stomach!" exclaimed Old Man Allen as Aarav, using his divine powers, transformed the ordinary herbs into a miraculous elixir during the digestion process.Earlier, the soup Aarav gave to old man Allen was just made from regular herbs. However, once Aarav used his divine powers, the soup transformed into a miraculous elixir.Old man Allen could tell that the effect right after drinking the soup, the medicine was strengthening and healing his liver; he could feel the change happening inside him."I can only do this much for now. You'll need two more treatments to be completely cured," Aarav said, exhaling as he withdrew his hands from the old man's back.Maya, with a skeptical look, scoffed, "Grandpa, we're really trusting this charlatan? I can't believe you're falling for his act."One of the men accompanying Maya chimed in, "This place is a joke. I bet he's not even a real doctor. Who treats patients in such a dump?"Another man added w
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10. Rossi Family Household
............"Accident? Where are your injuries then? Just making excuses for being late. I've told you to quit that useless job so you won't find reasons to slack off!" His mother-in-law, Sophia Rossi, scolded him, and Aarav could only listen silently with his head bowed, knowing he couldn't argue with her in this household.Sophia Rossi, in her late forties, had a timeless charm with chestnut hair flowing in loose waves around her shoulders.Her face, marked by subtle lines that suggested wisdom, carried an air of sophistication. Aging gracefully, she wore well-tailored outfits with understated elegance, radiating a poised confidence.Her kind eyes and glowing complexion completed her appearance, portraying ageless beauty with a hint of hidden arrogance.From his corner, Aarav observed her getting ready for another one of her charity parties.He had grown accustomed to the scolding from this woman who looked sophisticated, but in his heart, there was no hint of respect.He only fel
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