Ruthless opponent

"I found this gun in your back pocket." Angela said,taking out thesame golden colored pistol Edward used against Sniper.

Edward retrieved the gun from Angela quickly, "You can't be going around touching my stuffs. Especially this." Edward warned,placing the pistol inside the drawer.

"Mind telling me why you have a gun on you?" Angela inquired with a raised eye brows.

"This is Brickwoods,Dude." Edward shook his head. "Besides,i just got it recently after the incident thar happened right here. I have to stay protected."

Angela didn't bother arguing again. What Edward said was true. Someone who an assassin came looking for in his home to kill him would often feel paranoid and look for ways to protect himself.

"Now that you are awake,Tell me how you got shot." Angela asked with a worried look. "Was it the same assassin?"

"I mistakenly walked into a gang warefare and ended up receiving a stray bullet. Please don't tell your dad." Edward explained.

"Why shouldn't i tell him? He's a cop. He
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