Caroline came through

Angela managed to drag Edward into his room and placed him on the bed. She placed a towel above the wound to slow dow the bleeding before Caroline arrive.

Placing Edward on the bed,Angela glanced around the room to see if there was any first aid box to atleast stop the bleeding permanently.

Angela searched around the room. But nothing. She bent down and looked under the bed to see if it was there.

Glancing under the bed,Angela's eyes caught something. A strange bag sitting on it's own under the bed.

Curiousity got the better of Angela,Making her drag the bag outside. While pulling the bag,Angela could feel te heaviness. What ever was inside weighed a thousand ton.

Angela took a deep breathe in before unzipping the bag slowly to see what was inside.

'Eww,Dirty underwears?!' Angela gasped internally,zipping the bag and immediately slidding it back under.

Edward knew something like this could happen. So when he placed the weapons in the big bag,he covered it up with dirty used underwears
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